Monday, October 01, 2007

A Ferry Tail Weekend

Once upon a time there was a boy.

He was a nice boy. A good boy. An unschooler-who-went-to-school boy. And because he is a nice, good, unschooled boy, he got a date to his very first homecoming.

This boy was about to embark on a very new adventure! He was nervous, and excited.

This boy's mom was nervous and excited, too, because they had a very busy weekend and she wasn't sure they could get to everything on time!

First, there was soccer to play. A 2-hour drive away.

And the sixth game this week. But the boy scored a goal and the team won quite easily and all was well with the world.

And then, there were these to pick up:

which were placed in the refrigerator at the boy's dad's work because there was no time to go home before this:

And all the while, the boy's mom and dad were supposed to be here:

But weren't.

So this boy's mom got a little uptight and started looking like this:

But the boy slapped her upside the head and reminded her to breathe.

And she did.

And when the boy's mom was calm, they went on their merry way. The boy's dad drove

while the boy put on his tie.

And the mom composed herself to meet the girl

And so did the dad

And they all arrived at the girl's house and took some very deep breaths.

When they went in, the boy gave the girl these

And they sat for a while and had a nice chat. Then, it was time to go to the restaurant. And the boy opened the car door for the girl, and the mother smiled, because of the 274 first-homecoming-date pointers she'd given him, this was one she hadn't.

So this boy and this girl arrived at the restaurant to join their friends, where there were lovely girls

and handsome boys.

And this very handsome boy and this very lovely girl looked like they were going to have a very fun night.

The mom and dad left to go here

where mom started to grow very, very sleepy, because she was emotionally traumatized by facing the prospect that she was old enough to have a son who was on his first homecoming date. She was so sleepy her cousin had to hold her up.

But after a few more dope slaps to the back of the head she made it through the rest of the night. No time for sleeping yet, Mom!

That's better!

And in the end, the boy, his date, the mom and the dad all had a very good time.

The end.


whimsigal said...

Awwww!! So sweet!! What fun that you all participated like that. I never went to a homecoming dance and for my first prom, my parents were in England.

You guys are such a great family!

sharon said...

AHHHH!!! Ok, so now I am happy! I have been sooo waiting for these pics!!! What a handsome young man you have with an adorable young lady to take to Homecoming! I am so happy for you and not just because this means you are officially getting old! You all look wonderful and I am glad you made it to all your activities. You really should add a few more things into your schedule dear. You seem to be slacking. Give the boys my love!

K. said...

Very, very adorable and very much worth the stress involved. And while the homecoming pictures were especially sweet, I think my favorite photo is the one that accompanies "But the boy slapped her upside the head and reminded her to breathe." That one made me really happy. Probably because I have a boy who would be making that same face behind me as I, too, forgot about that breathing thing.

If you have a baby book, THAT should go in it. :P That would be a riot.

Silvia said...

Great post!

Jamie said...

Found your site by accident.

Made me smile.

Enjoy life whilst it's still so simple and innocent.


Bunny said...

Oh, what wonderful pics to document a spectacular night! I wish I could find my digital camera among the cluter, I might be able to do something similar. My kids are 9,8 & 5, if I start looking now, I should be fine!
Thanks for starting my day off with smiles!!!

Aching B said...

You're a very descriptive writer. I really like your writing style.

vaultingninja said...

good story!
felt very real