Saturday, October 20, 2007

Channeling our Inner Hippies

The past week has been filled with Murder at the Disco preparation. I am the director, which is really, really fun and also really, really out of my league. But don't tell anyone. I learned the key is to get actors who are so amazingly, astonishingly, breath-takingly talented they need very little direction and I still get credit. I'm kind of a shyster like that.

And because I'm such a perfectionist (read: computer-challenged), I've had to work long and hard and long and long to get the playlists for the show just right. Blasting disco music through the house has produced some seriously fantastic and hilarious dance moves and occasionally some bleeding eardrums and sore hip joints. It brings our favorite neighbor friend Ben dancing in through the back door, hitting some poses before he even gets all the way in. It gets Jonathan's groove thing twitching. It gets Rob to put on freaky wigs and walk around with peace sunglasses on. And it gets Brady to moan "Mooommmm, it's so LOOOUUUDDDDDD!" As for me, well, I've never sung so much Andy Gibb.

It seems we've got a little disco/hippie/70's obsession going on in our house. Jonathan channeled John Revolta, er I mean Travolta, for 70's Day at theatre camp and has been getting a good workout as he shakes his groove thing. Despite actually being an 80's child, I get to embrace my inner hippie at our annual Willow event each year. And Rob's been getting funkadelic with his new 'fro.

And then there's Brady. Brady tends to morph into non-70's characters. Like
Brady-Man. And sometimes he goes a little James Bond on us. I like a boy who dares to be different. Despite our heaviest pressure that he must be all-things-'70's right now, he dares strike out on his own.

Let's sing a song about it, shall we? C'mon,
sing with me!

One of these things is not like the others

One of these things just doesn't belong

Can you tell which thing is not like the others

By the time I finish my song?

Did you guess which thing was not like the others?

Did you guess which thing just doesn't belong?

If you guessed this one is not like the others

Then you're absolutely...right!

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diana(hahamommy) said...

thanks for the Grover fix :D I often sing this song, to the glassy eyes of those too young for this Sesame Street Staple of our childhood... Yay for us old folk ;D