Thursday, September 27, 2007

Find Your Inner Grizzly

Go watch! Hurry now! Go! Then come right back.

I found this in a delightfully serendipitous way today! I was checking a blog I like and saw that Evie had done a radio interview about unschooling. I turned it on and up and washed dishes while I listened. (You should too!) It was very good, so I was intrigued by the radio show and went to the host's website.... "Talk Radio for Socially Conscious Moms"? Excellent.

I clicked on News which led me to the
Mothers Acting Up website - (How cool is that name?!) - where you can buy a Mothers Acting Up Datebook/Handbook and get yer activist-mama-self all riled up on a daily basis and not just when you happen upon horrifying things like this during your morning coffee-in-pajamas-internet-surfing.

From there I noticed the link to their
blog and one click later I was looking at the "Find Your Inner Grizzly" YouTube video. This made me laugh and made me think and made me humbler and made me feel guilty for worrying about the zit on my chin and what I have to make for dinner and how messy my countertop is when I should be grateful that I have dinner (and dinner options no less) and most striking, the time and safety to worry about these trivial things. *sigh*

I recently happened upon a brochure for
Women For Women International and plan to take the idea to my women's circle. We all have a little activist itch and each time we gather we give thanks that we have grrrl support and we have each other. We can share our wealth and our support and our voice and our wealth with those who don't.

I happen to be a morning growler. Today my growl is for a different reason.

Find your inner grizzly and growl with me!


whimsigal said...

Wow, you found a lot at the radio mom's site! I'm going to have to check those out, too.

Off to find my inner grizzly!


sharon said...

Hey lady-
Love this but have read it several times now and was actually hoping for pics of the dance! Hurry up!!!