Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Recovery Mode

Hallo friends. I was hoping to return from my women's retreat and post some pictures and a long waxing-on about how wonderful it was. I was hoping to post something-or-other about Brady's 15th birthday celebrations. I was hoping to post that Brady is on the upswing with school. I was hoping to post, period. But instead I am recovering from a visit to the ER on Saturday, right in the middle of our women's retreat. The upside is I had seven wonderful grrrls to care for me! The downside is, well, that I had to interrupt our lovely time to get sick. It was an allergic reaction - not the first - and my throat felt like it had marbles in it. Oh, and like it was on fire. I carry an epi-pen but the hospital was a glorious 10 minutes away, is all. And Kristin, the dear grrl, has a lovely lead foot.

And then things got worse before they got better, and my grrrls don't even know it yet. I had some sort of strange relapse, or perhaps it was something altogether different. But I spent Sunday night with violent abdominal pains, sweating, and vomiting. That was fun.

So today I'm finally out of bed and on my way to the doc to see if I can figure out what in the world is going on. I'm feeling pretty low energy, as you can imagine, and a little afraid to eat much.

But I'll be back. You can bet on that. I'm too verbose to stay away too long.

a gastro-intestinally-challenged Laura


K. said...

Feel better, Laura! I'll be thinking about you and sending healing thoughts your way.

Stephanie said...

Oh, Laura, I'm so sorry!
I saw your post, and thought, "what, she's back so soon?!?"
So sorry you're down and out, I am sending much loves and hugs and light and well wishes your way.
Allergic reaction?!?
I thought we Enlightened Beings were above such things!
Best wishes, Friend.

Roxanne said...

Oh no!- Hope you feel better soon! I'm very allergic to seafood myself.

Stephanie said...

Wow that sucks! Get better fast :)

I guess I am *the other Stephanie*,
we have already been mixed up on another blog LOL!

whimsigal said...

Hey Laura!

I also wanted to send you well wishes! Hope you feel better real soon!


Silvia said...

I don't visit your blog for, what, 4 days, and all this happens? Jeeze Woman! I hope you and Brady recover quickly.