Monday, October 15, 2007

I Missed You Too

Thanks to everyone for all the get well wishes both here, by email, and on MySpace. 'Tis good to be loved! And I love you all back! **smooch**

The health update - Brady still has occasional spotting and blurriness in his eye, but he feels perfectly fine. So fine he played in his last soccer game despite my expressed desire that he not. Despite my expressed desire to the coach that he not. Everyone thinks I overreact. I know, I know, it's just an eye. I mean, afterall, he's got two. So I should just chillax, right? He has a follow-up appointment on Thursday. Unless they win their sectional soccer game tomorrow, in which case they'll have a soccer game instead. (Like I'm saying, priorities, people!)

As for me, well, I'm feeling groovy too. Gotta practice my lingo for Murder at the Disco this Saturday! Be there or be square! (Wait... wrong era?....)

I haven't had another allergic reaction, but I've been militant about what I eat. Well, until today that is, when I sat in front of the 'puter screen for... oh, say.... ALL DAY. I munched alternately on crap (Hershey barS) and good-for-me-stuff (hard-boiled eggs), but I drank a lot of water, so my system got a good flush. I did have a slight recurrence of the gut-busting abdominal cramps but was able to stave them off with some Motrin (thanks to an unsuspecting Gina). I'd think appendix if the pain weren't so infrequent. Got an appointment with the GI doc in November and the allergist next Wednesday. Our health insurance company loves us this year. Sadly, it's a case of unrequited love, as we cannot stand the mere thought of loving them back.

Ok! That done, let's get to something more interestin'. I spent all day prepping the music for Murder at the Disco. But more important, even, than stage directions, or musical cues, or props, or instructions for the sound man is... of course... what I'm wearing.

As teens, my cousin Erin and I would spend hours prepping to "go out." We had to have just the right clothes on, every hair in place, just the right amount of make-up, and just the right amount of imitation perfume (can you say aerosol Obsession? - ooh baby). But it wasn't just how the clothes felt or looked, there was one more factor to consider - how we looked as we danced in them. Yes, we'd primp and preen, turn and twirl, but in the end, we had to be sure we looked good dancing. We'd put on a little Prince, stand in front of the mirror, and shake our groove things, all the while giggling our heads off at ourselves.

Aahh, those were the days... elf boots, rolled up jeans, camp shirts, big hair... boys....

So naturally I have to spend some time getting my costume for the Murder Mystery just right. I don't get to be on stage. I really don't have a part at all on the night of the show. But that doesn't stop me from making it

In the meantime, I've got Jonathan for inspiration.

He is one coool cat! (Wait.... wrong genre?....)

He knows how to test the danceability factor of his clothes too.
I think he's totally funkadelic! I mean check out the chest on that boy! Yowza, yowza, YOWZA!


Stephanie said...

Well, you certainly Sound like yourself, so I spose I can quit fretting.
'Cept for Brady and The Coach.

Glad to have you back!

piscesgrrl said...

Thanks for fretting! I mean, not that i want you to fret. But it is nice to be fretted over. Or something. :)