Monday, January 28, 2008

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Oh wait, that's Dirty Dancing...

A more apt title for this post might be "Nobody Puts Buddha in the Backseat."

Mom rescued me from my (continuing) dark mood yesterday. She read my gloomy blog post and gave me a ring first thing the next morning, asking if I'd like an afternoon out. I was dressed and waiting by the front door 3.75 seconds later.

But it was as if some cosmic misalignment had it out for me, because things just didn't go as planned. We tried to visit my grandpa in the nursing home, but due to an outbreak of stomach flu, they were closed to visitors.

We headed to the city. Our first stop was successful. Mom bought a vase for a friend who is recovering from surgery, and I bought a Buddha for my garden.

I laughed that poor Buddha shouldn't have to sit on the floor of the backseat like this. It seems.... disrespectful. But we didn't want the Buddha to flop around in the backseat, so we placed the Buddha on the floor for safe-keeping.

But when we tried to continue shopping, our luck ran out. We tried a cute little art gallery where Rob's cousin had recently shown his work. Closed. We tried an Irish store we'd never been to before. Closed. We tried another shop that carries quirky, vintage items. Closed.

We decided to give up and get a cup of coffee.

First coffee bar we found - closed. We drove across town to a second coffee bar - closed permanently. We drove to a new coffee bar close by - closed. We gave up on the coffee idea and headed for Cusco Jacks, another new gallery - closed.

At this point, my mother pulled over and said, "All right, that's it. Get Buddha off the floor. We've offended the Buddha."

New rule - Nobody Puts Buddha in the Backseat. But how about in a carseat?

Let's just say... the next coffee shop we tried was open for business.

We had lunch and three cups of tea and chatted for 3 hours straight.


My name is Stacie. said...

That is hilarious! Glad you were able to make ole Buddha happy and get some food!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I envy you that you have a wise woman in your circle that can snatch you by your knappy head drag you and a foul mood to better places.

A close relationship with the Buddha helps too.

Maria said...

I mean, surely that was a coincidence? Altho I feel sure a dancing Shiva would'nt have minded the corner at all. It happens in India all the time. Although, come to think of it, everything is closed there, too....

You are hysterical. It's nice you have such a close relationship w/your mom!

joanieji said...

I love sound of it- Buddha in the Backseat. Can we rename our Circle?

IF Buddha Was in our backseat, wherever, whenever - wouldn't we all be just right with the world?
BTW you really didn't have Buddha in the backseat when you started your caffeine odyssey-he was actually on the floor.
Can't be treatin' the guardian of the cosmic egg like a bad puppy now.

K. said...

Your Mom rocks. Now I know where you got it from.

piscesgrrl said...

Every grrl needs someone to drag her to greener pastures sometimes. And yep, my mama does rock, good of you all to notice. And yep, the Buddha made his wishes known, and mi madre was listening. And yes, Joanieji, we are definitely renaming our circle! And when I say "Buddha in the Backseat" I hear the tune to "Mirror in the Bathroom" - so we may even have a theme song! Long live 80's music. Check it grrlfriends -

Anonymous said...

We have to make sure we find the perfect spot in your garden for Buddha! Just think of the glorious flowers and veggies awaiting you this spring.

"We'll get by with alittle help from our friend"....

Your "rockin" mamma :-)

Beverly said...

I think Buddha was protecting you. It's much safer to have a heavy thing like that strapped down.
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I'm glad you found an open coffee shop.

denise said...

Exactly. That would have been my conversation with my mom too! ;)

Emily said...

thank you foryour coment on my blog
golden daemons i have a few avatar's on my blog i have done one on my blog for you love E