Sunday, October 28, 2007

Harvest Time

It was a lovely fall day here today, and that means it's harvest time! Actually, even though I grew up in cornfield country, I don't exactly know when harvest time is. Well, I know when they harvest that it is harvest time, but I don't know how they know when to harvest. Aside from it being October and all.

I'd like to share the finer points of corn harvesting with you.
But well, um, I don't know them.

This here's a combine - out in our field. Out in our cornfield. It's picking corn. (Good one.)

After the picking, the corn gets dumped into a wagon. For hauling. (Such detail.)

And after the corn gets dumped into the wagon, a tractor comes along and hauls it away. To, um, a grain bin. (I think.)And guess who's driving that tractor? My sister! She knows a lot more about corn harvesting than I do. A whole lot more. (Obviously.)

And sometimes it gets dumped into a semi-trailer instead of a wagon.And I don't know exactly why. (Made note to ask.)

And I just threw this photo in because I have such a great view to the east, and I wanted to share it with you all for the first time. Have you ever seen such a lovely view? Oh, I guess maybe you have.Like, at least once before.

Ok, maybe twice.

Actually, it looks like I have a thing for the view toward the east.

I seem to have an over-abundance of photos in my "View to the East" folder.

And it looks like whomever lives here 'keeps yard' the same way they 'keep house.'
What was I talking about again?


Mrs. G. said...

We share a similar knowledge of the intricacies of farming. Of course, the only difference is that I don't have a friggin' corn field in my front yard. Can't you get some books from the library or something? You do have an amazing east view.

Stephanie said...

That one from the balcony with the snow everywhere???
DOn't be easily dismissing THAT one!, it's the one that keeps me goin', and helps me to feel good about taking pictures this winter!
It's such a beautiful and inspiring picture of WinterTime...

zamozo said...

How come (almost) all the unschooling bloggers live in the country and have great east views? My east view is of a street and the vacant house accross it!

piscesgrrl said...

Mrs. G, you make me laugh. I've lived here darn near all my life, and if anyone found out I'd had to get books out of the library... heck, I'd be run out of cornfield country fer sure!

Steph - it is a lovely shot, no? Too bad my neck muscles were scrunched up into my ear lobes for the d*mn cold...

And Zamozo, me thinks I sense a house swap opportunity! Though that means I'd have to clean, like, for real. Still, worth considering... grrrl, I've got more view than you can shake a stick at!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, you harvest the corn when it's all dried up and it's not going to rain that day. Geesh!

Harvest, my dearie, is the easiest part!

Love ya anyways,

whimsigal said...

Hey Laura! This was a hilarious post with all your views to the east. Do you share the cornfield or is it all yours? How did you get into it?

I thought your garden looked beautiful, by the way.

Dave said...

I stumbled on your blog by accident but something about it looked familiar. The corn harvest pictures show Mark H in the combine. You refer to a Martin at the grocery store. Was it Martin D?
Tom and Larry who farm near you are my brothers.

piscesgrrl said...

Hi Dave - you're a Larson then? I do believe we've met. Didn't you have the side office in my Dad's (John Flynn) Rockton building for a while? Small world. Hello and welcome - how'd you find my blog?

Dave said...

Yes..When I started with Edward Jones I was in that office for most of a year.
I found your blog when I was searching for pictures of combines in the field harvesting. I really miss being on the farm at harvest time so I was making a screen saver of combine pictures. The one that come up is Mark in the field southeast of your house. My brother's own and farm the next farm east on Campbell Road.
Larry told me that Martin passed away a couple of weeks ago. My Mom and Dad spent about 50 straight New Year's Eves with Martin and Hazel.