Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Birthday Boyz

See this boy? He turns 15 today. I love this boy.
See this boy? He turned, um, 27 last week. Yeah... 27.... that's it. I love this boy too. See these boys together? Aren't they handsome?
One is getting old too fast. And the other is getting... well... um, old too fast too. But I mean that in an aren't-older-men-super-duper-attractive loving sort of way.
And I'm just lucky. Because they both belong to me. Well, not belong, but they're mine. Well, ok, they're not really mine, but I seem to have held the winning ticket in the cosmic lottery of universal karma at some point in time and therefore get to have them both in my life.
And that's a very, very good thing indeed.


Stephanie said...

A wonderful post!
I love the last picture of you and dh.
So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, very nice indeed. I'm happy for you and also pleased that you do not seem to take your boys :) for granted. Perhaps your father dying has allowed you that. Sometimes we have to search, but there are good things that happen to us from the worst possible catastrophies. Coleen