Friday, February 01, 2008

Let's Do the Math

As I searched for a specific photo today, I noticed something. According to Picasa, I took 2,433 photos in 2007.

Holy bat pictures! I knew I was getting a little obsessive, but that's more than I thought.

2,433 photos... that's approximately 203 pictures per month!
2,433 photos... that's 47 pictures per week!
2,433 photos... that's almost 7 pictures per day!

That's a whole lotta picture-taking.

So far in 2008, I've taken 452 photos. Seeing as we're only 32 days into the year, looks like I'm on par to blow last year's average out of the water.

452 photos... that's 14 photos per day.
452 photos... that's 98 photos per week.
452 photos... that's 5096 per year.

Perhaps I should chill out a bit, though. Sometimes I get on people's nerves, getting all up in their stuff as I attempt to chronicle every minute detail of our life.

Hi Brady!

Great song you're playing there.




I guess it's no wonder some folks in my family look like this:

But I'm on a mission. I've got a pace to keep!


K. said...

That's hilarious. You're a menace, Laura. :P

My name is Stacie. said...

I do that to my family too. Luckily my son is 8 and a ham and loves his picture taken. I'm sure that will change as he approaches the Brady years. And great captions. You seem like a funny gal!

kelli said...

I love taking them too :) and I'm glad you take them, so fun to see!

Kim said...

Yeah, your kids have it almost as bad as mine. I have discovered the "photo burst" key recently. I do notice that I make up for the slow winter picture taking period by going nuts in the spring when things suddenly bloom and get greensih.

Tina H. said...

Ha!!! My kiddos run when I grab the camera. What does that say?
Keep up the good photography!!

kalurah said...

You think YOUR bad???
In 2007, I met the inanimate "love" of my life, my Nikon D40 DSLR. And I took 25,000 pictures!!!
Yes, you read that correctly.
That's 2,083 pictures a month.
481 pictures a week.
69(dude)pictures a day.

It doesn't help that my camera is a digital SLR, so I take WAY extra and then if I don't want a pic., I just don't print it! :)
Nonetheless, it's scary!

piscesgrrl said...

kalurah - DUDE is right! Oh, I so want to ask you now... obviously you love your new camera. DH is thinking of getting me a better camera for my birthday, so I'm researching. Would love to know if you're smitten-as-punch with that one or if you sorta kinda wish you'd gotten the next best one or whatever.

K. - a menace? Who, me?!?

And I SO need to learn to use photo burst. I'm on it. :)

denise said...

I'm right there with you. How many pictures of orange peels can I take? Then there is the rolling of the play-doh. The temper tantrums on the floor (stooooooooop taking pictures mooommmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa). Cats. And lots, and lots, of cute kids. I thought I was the only one who crashed my iPhoto because it was too freaking full on a massive hard drive with tons of RAM and a super lightening processor. Methinks perhaps not.