Friday, February 15, 2008

This Isn't What it Looks Like

Brady and Ben were just playing ping pong. That's all they were doing.

And my jewelry-making kit was just in the way. They weren't actually using it.

Whatever you may be thinking, they were definitely not using my jewelry kit to make something for Ben's grrlfriend.

They were just playing. Playing a game of ping pong. That's all they were doing.


My name is Stacie. said... cute are they!

Anonymous said...

They need to embrace their inner jeweler. Confident in their masculinity. Be sure to blog what they came up with, I wanna see!!! It's really very sweet.

Mrs. G. said...

Even though they weren't doing anything related to jewelry making, it sure is sweet to think that they MIGHT have been. Ha!

Anonymous said...