Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fun with Clay

The other day I whispered some cautionary instructions to Jonathan, took him firmly by the hand, and ventured into a foreign land. This foreign land is more commonly known as a craft store.

Seriously. I walk the aisles of a craft store like I'm in a market in Istanbul, thinking things like, I'm sure this would be cool if I had a clue what to do with it and The things I could do if I had any fine motor skills at all and When g*d was passing out brains I thought s/he said trains and said 'I'd like a slow one, please.'

I was there to gather supplies for the
Artist Trading Card class I'm co-facilitating for our homeschooling group. I know, the irony.

(Wait, is that irony? And if not, why not? And if so, yay for me!)

But I figure, if I want to learn how to do something intense and complicated like art, who better to inspire me than a roomful of children? I look at a mountain of ATC materials and am paralyzed with fear. Children look at a mountain of ATC materials and get right down to arting.

See? Awesome. Kids rock.

And so does their art.

As we wandered the aisles of the foreign country craft store, Jonathan found a few things he wanted. One was glow-in-the-dark clay.

He was eager to test it out when we got home.

So he formed a ball and placed it in our lamp.

And waited.

I've titled this, Jonathan ponders the meaning of existentialism and the role of glow-in-the-dark clay in modern culture.

It was time to test out the glow capabilities, or glow-abilities as I like to call it. (Yes, I made that up just now.) And this is where I became slightly less than helpful. We went into the bathroom and turned off the light and shut the door.

"It glows! Woohoo, it glows! Take a picture!" Jonathan exclaimed.

Ok, says me.

"Mom, turn off the flash!" Oh, ok, sorry.


Oh, ok. Sorry. I don't understand the finer workings of my camera. You know, like how to turn off the flash.

"It would've been brighter if you'd hurried up."

It's culture shock, son. I'm still recovering from that visit to the craft store. I'll need some time to acclimate.


My name is Stacie. said...

Levi recently had me take a picture of one of his glow in the dark Legos, and the result was pretty much the same. Only I didn't think to create a creative and funny post about it. Good job!

Beverly said...

Yes! I see it!

Sandy Feet said...

That is exactly the way I feel in a craft store. Lots of cool things, but what do people do with them, exactly?

Funny, funny post.

Stephanie S. said...

I'm very interested in ATC cards, too.
But then I have this little boy who sniffs suspiciously and says "that smells like crafting!! and I have to scoot on. :)

Anonymous said...

I more *felt* the glow in the dark clay ball than actually *saw* it.

Either way the experience was life transforming.


Homestead mama said...

Yes, yes... the most commonly uttered sentence as I wander the isles is... "what do they do with this?"

KMDuff said...

I have a whole series of pictures like this from trying to take pictures of a full lunar eclipse with my camera. Wonder what you need for better pictures of stuff in the dark. Longer exposures?

K. said...

I have a hallway craft cupboard that is full to bursting with art supplies that I just know I'll need one day when my talent finally manifests. I've been stockpiling for that (undoubtedly inevitable) day.

I could totally get into glow in the dark clay, though. Ooh - have you guys ever made Oobleck?! I LOVE oobleck. The kids thought it was neat enough, but I could probably write poems to it, that's how impressed I was.