Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Uh Oh.

So I've got this hormone imbalance, right?

And I can keep it managed with a strict diet, supplement regimen, and progesterone, right?

And when I run out of progesterone for days at a time, the resulting hormonal hurricane makes me want to rip someone's face off, right?

Well, I ran out of progesterone.

And in 48 hours we leave for a 20-hour road trip.

(It's too bad, really... Rob has a really cute face.)


Anonymous said...

May the force be with you. And your family. Especially your family.

Anonymous said...

There is a law against ripping off someone's face in Florida! And by the way, did I tell you we moved to an undisclosed location?????? :-D

Silvia said...

He does--you should look for a tree or something to take out your hormones on. :)

Stephanie said...

I know!
Did you get tested?
I just found out that I have like NO estrogen!
I'm going on bio identical hormones :)
Usually it's high estrogen low progesterone, well I use progesterone but I ain't got no estrogen.
Hope you don't rip off any faces!

Beachbum said...

Seems all who have posted a comment so far resemble your remark. Hope it turned out well...