Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Scenes from Willow

In cleaning out some out-dated drafts in my blogger dashboard, I ran across this compilation of photos from the last Willow Folk Festival. Apparently, I forgot to post them. Here they are now.

Ok, ok, I'll post some Willow pictures already. We had a lovely time, as usual, with many of our favorite people.

I got to spend more time than usual with Kenz, who taught me to make peace wreaths out of Willow boughs.

Dan, Doug, Maria and Kenz sang beautifully.
While Carissa straightened Brady's hair.

I was initiated into the "nettle" club. (You can eat 'em!)

And this might be when Charlie, who's always draped with lovely grrrls, said to me, "I feel like throwing a cream pie at you" and I replied, "And you think that's a good idea, do you?" while Rob just laughed at Charlie's foolishness in messing with me...

Minstrels in white.

Our feet in matching tulsi anklets.
The kitchen goddess, Joan, worked her magic again.
And introduced homemade kombucha to our palettes.

The herbal blessing bowl at the garden's entrance.
The garden was spectacular as ever.
We actually camped this time.

And Rob got saucy in the kitchen with Sandy.
Who took saucy to a whole new level.
The kids spent hours playing circle games and talking.

And Maria dazzled us with a few solos.
The men held down the fort in the kitchen.
And Sandy got her very own musical blessing from Dan, Martha, and Pat.

Our favorite trio - Dan, Martha, and Pat - accompanied by Taylor on drums.
Sisters Heath sang a lovely duet.
And all the kids joined Dan for a chorus of songs. Love.This.

The teens hung out.
And so did the garden garlic.
And mother-daughter duo, Pat and Kenz, sang together - always so lovely.

Rob even gave kitchen work a go this year. Usually, he dare not tread in the kitchen. There is important, magical work going on in there.

Two of my dishes... herbed goat cheese and eggplant/red pepper spread on crostinis, and beets in a creamy cucumber yogurt sauce.
Oh summer.

All in all it was another lovely time.And we can't wait to do it all again next summer.


Anonymous said...

This is SO cool, I love these photos! The teen with the big hair reminds me of my husband at that same age! Very cool...I'm a little jealous of this very neat creative fest you have...but maybe it's all those cornfield and I'm particularly homesick right now...sniff, sniff...

denise said...

Looks like another good one! :)

Silvia said...

Really, it's not fair of you to tease me with these fun gatherings of yours! And your food looks really yummy! My mom makes lasagna with a bottom layer of eggplant, btw. Where can I get one of those anklets?