Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scenes from another Fantastic Florida Trip

Tomorrow is our last day in Florida. *sniff* Here's a peek at our vacation so far...
Lots of pool time - Jonathan is a fish.
Chatting up my new soon-to-be step-sister.

Not sure if it's the game or the size of the game pieces that's so frustrating.

Easter egg hunt.

Look familiar?

Visiting with cousins.

And reuniting with old friends.

Stone crab for a snack.

And a meet-up with Hulk Hogan. Yo, Hulk.

Jonathan loved seeing the Blues Brothers since he did a spoof of their routine for a play last year. (Wait - is that Broc Higgins?)

Rob is now on staff at Universal Studios.

Reunited with Keti - I miss her already.

Wonderworks with Keti and kids - rainy day substitution for Universal Studios Adventure park.

The kids hit it off famously. So glad!
Beach time. Boys surf. I seek shells.

I'm not going back to the cornfields.
Even my feet are happy here.
Building sand castles.
All is well. Life is very good indeed.


Andrea said...

My feet would be happy too! And you are so funny, baywatch! You make me laugh, and that is why I visit you!!

unschoolingsupermom said...

Oh my gosh! Kyle, my five year old, would just die about Hulk Hogan. He is a huge wrestling fan. Looks like you are having a blast on your vacation.

Stephanie said...

I liked Baywatch?, too!!

Er, not the show.
The Joke.


Looooovely vacation!!

gail said...

That's just what I do..look for shells while the rest get in the surf. Logan and Broc encountered a shark last week so I'm even more sure I'll continue with my shelling :-) Loved seeing all your pix!

Beachbum said...

Life is indeed very good! Great time was had and it shows.

Oh, there is sand on this side of the pond, too...

Snavleys said...

Aaahhh, looks like an absolutely dreamy vacation!