Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Commence Brady Bunch Experiment Part I

We're heading to Florida tomorrow to join up with my mom and her main squeeze betrothed. Mom rented the same house as last year and we're driving down to spend a week.

My (single, silly - but in a good way!) brother will be there.

So will my mom's fiance's daughter Sarah.

The others are staying far far away from this crazy experiment busy.

Looks like we'll be taking this Brady Bunch thing one future-step-sibling at a time. Sarah - you ready to jump into the new-family petri dish?

Sarah's bringing my kids' favorite snacks and sending football smack talk to Jonathan via Facebook. She's prepared.

Me? I'm listing all the things I should apologize for up front. Cohabitation is a risky business.


debra said...

So, then, does your #1 child become Brady Brady?

Stephanie said...

Have fun!!
(And good luck.)

Silvia said...

ROFLMAO! I really wish I could hear you telling these stories in person. It's not the same! But I'm quite enjoying all your posts. :)

Pi said...

lucky people who get to go down to
enjoy the trip!