Monday, April 06, 2009

I Don't Have Time for This

I'm a busy woman. I've got children to tend, laundry to start, and a mile-long to-do list growing exponentially by the minute. I've got farm chores to do, three wet dogs to contain, and doggie drugs to dispense. I've got packing to do for our trip to Florida (waHOO) and wood flooring to order and furniture to move so the installer can do our floors while we're gone (waHOO). I've got a meeting to prepare for and farmers to pick up in Chicago (waHOO) and buckets of homemade chicken vegetable and wild rice soup to finish so said farmers don't arrive home to a cold house and empty refrigerator.

(You want to make someone's day? Jump to the top of their friend list? Earn yourself some serious karma points? Have a hot meal waiting for them when they arrive home from a trip. They'll be so grateful. They might even cry. And they'll be forever indebted to you - and it's always good to have one-up on someone.)

So I'm busy, right? Which means I definitely don't have time to do a craft project. It's Sunday morning and all I wanted to do was check a few blogs, sip on some coffee, enjoy a few quiet moments before the inevitable rush of activity begins and goes non-stop through Friday. That's not too much to ask, is it? But noooo... I had to go looking at The Magic Onions blog, where she has this posted.

Drat that Magic Onions grrrl... here I am, fixin' to relax for just a few minutes before I start my day, and next thing you know she's got me making paper stars. Paper stars! ME. Crafting.
That must be some powerful magic onions mojo she's got going on, because those who know me best? They know that crafts and me go together like single men and babies. There's sort of this moment of pause where you're all "maybe this wouldn't be so bad....maybe I could do this too...." followed by a shudder and a rush of excuses and a full-out sprint in the other direction.

Magic Onions has this sweet little write-up in her sidebar, part of which goes like this: "I am consciously trying to be mindful of each and every moment; embrace life with love, laughter and learning and give freely knowing that what I have is considerable."

Might I suggest you add "And distract piscesgrrl from her to-do list?"

I even had to run downstairs to get glue so I could make paper stars. While I was down there, I fed the dogs, doled out doggie drugs, fetched soup kettles - full soup kettles - out of my van, and made eggs (what else?) for breakfast.

Then I sneaked back upstairs to finish my paper stars.

I didn't use fancy paper because I didn't trust myself to actually succeed at this endeavor on the first try.

I used plain old printer paper. If they turn out, I might feel brave enough to use some of that pretty scrapbooking paper I have stored away somewhere. The paper that I bought for the scrapbook I never work on. Or perhaps I'll even feel brave enough to dig out my watercolor paints or acrylics and decorate some paper myself. I mean, who cares about a silly old to-do list.

I'm the sort of person who owns all sorts of art and craft supplies. And has no clue what to do with them.

I have the urge to yell, "Mom! Look what I did!" How sad is that?


Life's so much better when we just give in to our urges, isn't it?

Dear Magic Onions,
When my house comes crumbling down around me in chaos and mayhem, I'm blaming you.




Anonymous said...

OH, crafting and I aren't on a first name basis. That's why there is Etsy?! Hello?? It's so I can appreciate and enjoy crafting w/out actually DOING it! And I support an artist.

Kudos to your stars, however! You're one crafty lady! Mom will be proud. I'm proud. I'm jealous. But not enough to go make stars,mind you.

Jen said...

Hi Laura!

Don't feel bad, I'm NOT good at crafting or drwaing either, I just do my best and belive everything I try to make dosen't turn out prefect! Your doing a lot better then I would! Keep up the good work!

Maybe you can show me how to do some new artwork!

Have a WONDERFUL time in Flordia! Take pictuers! I'M JEALOUS!

Anonymous said...

You did good Laura.....the stars are so pretty!!! :-)

Love you

denise said...

You did well, eh? :) I somehow (me, the artist) never find time to craft for myself anymore. You know, ME making something. Always ends up being me as a supply manager and clean up girl more than anything. I like the stars...

The Magic Onions said...

You have me truly giggling!! I have a smile on my face from ear to ear and a real twinkle in the eye. Your post is hilarious! You are so funny. I can't believe I missed this in April. Thank you... I got a real kick out of this today!
Blessings and magic.