Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Smell of Rock

Brady plays the guitar.

He started when he was fairly young, about nine. At my urging, he took lessons from a very nice, very quiet, very unassuming man in our local town. He liked it well enough, so we bought him his first acoustic guitar.

Naturally, then, he quit.

It was several years before he picked up his guitar again. He thought he might like to take lessons again, but by that time the very nice, very quiet, very unassuming man had closed up shop. We found a different teacher in another town who asked him what sort of music he liked and taught him from those songs.

Soon the music of Green Day filled our house. And Linkin Park. And from then on, he's been hooked.

He plays his guitar when he should be studying for finals.

He plays his guitar late at night when he should be sleeping.

But we aren't big fans of 'shoulds.'

He writes his own songs and composes music. He searches for favorite songs on the internet and downloads the tabs.

He formed a rock band with a friend.

And was invited to join a rock band by another friend.

One band, Proceed with Caution, practices at his friend Noah's house. That's where they were yesterday when Noah's mom, Gina, offered homemade cookies in exchange for a performance. But when she walked into their practice room, apparently the air was, um, a little, um... ripe.

"Um, it kinda, like, sorta, uh, stinks in here?" said Gina. She's really eloquent like that.

And Noah replied...

"That's the smell of rock."


Not June Cleaver said...

I wish I could find a good instructor for my almost 9 year old. We had him in two different group lessons, but he really needs one-on-one. He adores music and has both an acoustic and electric guitar. I would not be surprised if he followed a similar path to Brady's. At least, I hope he does.

K. said...

HA! Smell of rock! I LOVE that.

I love that the guitar teacher asked what music he liked and taught from there. I remember when I got a guitar at 14 (big plans to move to LA and be a rock star, DUDE) along with some really lame-o "teach yourself guitar" book with these really basic, boring lessons and, well, let's just say I didn't go far. Between you and me, I probably wouldn't have anyway, but still.

Playing actual music seems like a nice place to start.

Anonymous said...

We've been laughing about the "smell of rock" all week here, too. I think that's what they should call the band.

denise said...

Oh, my that is funny.

Pix spawned good memories...I was in bands all through high school/college/20s. My 4 year old wants to play guitar, but no teachers for that age group, so we found a drum instructor and I think he'll be starting soon. He got a practice pad and stick for Xmas so he is ready to ROCK. :)

Colleen said...

Ha! That's classic!!

Mrs. G. said...

You've got some clever little buggers over there in your house. Grungers would say it smells like teen spirit.

Oh, to be a mom groupie. You are the coolest!

Kris B said...

I found my way here via Not June Cleaver. My son plays some guitar but is passionate about the 'ukulele (yes, really!). He's taken some lessons, but much of it is self-taught. I'm all too familiar with those tabs you mention - he's created a website of his own to upload all kinds of tabs that he's done. (liveukulele DOT com) It's pretty cool to see him learning on so many different levels around a central passion!

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