Sunday, January 20, 2008

Aw Shucks

Thanks Zenmomma! What a nice surprise. Be sure to visit Zenmomma for some blogging goodness - you'll be hooked fer sure.

According to Project Mommy, by accepting this Excellent Blog Award, I have to award it to 10 or more people.

Sharin' the love - works for me!

In no particular order...

Jackie at Harvestin' Blarney in Irish Grove cuz she's my favorite lil sis (even though she called my homemade bagels chew toys). She rocks in all the right ways.

Stephanie at Happy and Free cuz she's deep and wise. And deep. And sweetness all through.

Denise at Mom in Madison cuz she's my new blogging and IRL friend. A lucky find!

Silvia at Po Moyemu--In My Opinion cuz we go way back. And we're gonna hang out together one of these days.

Colleen at The New Unschooler for bravery in sharing her journey.

Whimsigal at The Road Less Traveled for being so darn sweet.

peacegoddess at Patchouli and the Porch, my IRL grrrlfriend who's very kick-*ss

Sharon at New Explorations, who's been there through the rough spots. She's a soul sister.

Gemma at Gembob - one of my main grrls. I miss you.

Kelli at our joyful life - I don't know her (yet :) IRL, but I want to.

Diana at The Journey of Nani Moon - inspiration of the finest kind.

Mrs G at Derfwad Manor, my daily dose of humor and inspiration.

Kelly at she's in transition who's promised to marry me if things don't work out with Rob.

Hop on over and say hello to these fine folks. You'll be glad you did.


denise said...


I have to know 10 people? ;)

Lynn said...

Well deserved award...
Thanks for the introductions to ten great blogs!! How lucky I have a whole day to myself today so no guilt at the fact I have been sitting here for 11/2 hours visiting all of them!!
Must get some nourishment and decide what to to with the day,have I got time for more browsing?Oh perhaps just a bit more!! xxx

Stephanie S. said...

Aaaaaaw -
An' after I went and 'sinuated your food was (red hot) poisonous, too!! :)

I hope no one read deep as: er, dull!
:) I'd probably be scared to go near it!

Thank you so much for the lovely words and the award friend - it is my very first one (not implying there shall ever be another, mind you), and I shall hang it where everyone can see!!

Have a lovely day, Dearest.

Silvia said...

Aw, thank you! I will be ever so proud to add this award to my blog. :) And now I've gotta start thinking of who to share the love with! The pressure!

Stephanie S. said...

Um - in all that gushing I was doing I forgot to say "Congrats on your award!!!"
It is certainly well deserved.
[a blushing] Stephanie

whimsigal said...

Wow! Awesome that you got one and awesome that you're sharing it with us! I'm very flattered to be included on your list!

You like me. You really like me!


kelli said...

aw, thanks! You are most excellent! :)

here's to meeting you IRL some day!

Mrs. G. said...

I am so thankful for this kindness. You are a sweetheart. You were one of the first blogs I started reading, so it's especially wonderful. Thank you, and I will pass it on.

Anonymous said...

I don't know 10 blogging folks! OMG...the pressure. Oh what a world, what a world!

Thanks, though.


Will you come visit me on the psych floor?

Bring biscotti.

Colleen said...

Thank you laura!! :)

Jackie said...

Wow, thanks!! Especially after I called your bagels chew toys. ;) I'm thankful (and relieved) that you're a good sport.

I don't know 10 other bloggers either! Hmmn...what a nice dilemma to ponder. Can I nominate you back, even though someone already did?

Love, Jackie

K. said...

Sorry I'm late - did I miss the ceremony? Someone said there would be red carpet. And a limo. I'm almost sure I was promised a limo. And cabana boys?

Seriously, thank you, Laura. This is sweet and I'm very flattered.

Let me know when the cabana boys arrive.