Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Packer Game Preparation

As you all know by now, the Green Bay Packers lost their championship game on Sunday. Our house has been deathly quiet ever since. Rob is in mourning, draped in black from head to toe; and Jonathan just keeps saying, "I'm not ready to talk about it yet" followed by "This is the most depressed I've ever been." Brady just keeps shaking his head.

As for me? Well, other than some genuine, sympathetic "there there, honey" my life is pretty much unaffected.

Sunday morning, we all readied ourselves by thawing some brats (it's a Wisconsin thing, doncha know) and donning our Green Bay Packers garb.

Jonathan wore his favorite Green Bay Packers sweatshirt; his completed ensemble includes a game face.

Rob's ritual garb consisted of Packers hat, Packers t-shirt, Packers long-sleeved shirt over the t-shirt, Packers sweatshirt over the Packers long-sleeved shirt over the Packers t-shirt. Oh, and Packers sunglasses. Oh, and a pointer finger in serious need of a cheesehead foam finger.

It was discovered - too late - that Brady doesn't own any Packers garb. He donned a Wisconsin Badgers sweatshirt instead, and Rob infused his aura with a little extra Packers mania for good measure.

And me? Well... um... well, you see... it's not that I don't do Packers garb... but, well... it's just that....

I don't do Packers garb.


KMDuff said...

I like your outfit though! :)

My name is Stacie. said...

Great pictures! And a handsome family you have!

Maria said...

Ya, well, dere, it's jist too bad 'bout dem Packers. (that is my attempt at the WI accent)

I was saddened too. Grew up in WI. Live in Maine. For three years. You can just imagine how torn up we were on all sorts of levels. I wanted the Pack to win so bad. I dislike the Giants. But then I wanted NE to win the Bowl. Anyway, sorry everyone is in mourning. The first picture with packer face is pathetic. Hug that child if you haven't already. And well, as for your outfit, let's face it,hip mothers just cheer, they don't wear their team on their sleeves. Tunics are in, Packers, sadly are out.

Beverly said...

I'm from Minnesota, and it would be most generous of me to extend my condolences. But I'm not gonna.

Beverly said...

I have chosen you for the Excellent Blog award. If you'd like to participate, check out my post for Jan. 22, 2008. You can snag the art from me or Project Mommy.

I know it would be No. 2. And yes, I'm sorry about the Packers.

piscesgrrl said...

beverly - I about choked on my water when I read your comment. But i won't tell you what my husband said in response - it's not appropriate for my G-rated blog! LOL

kmduff - thanks! I found the tunic at a resale shop - I love finding tunics at resale shops!

my name is stacie - thanks! I think they're pretty darn handsome too.

maria - hello and welcome! Your accent is cracking me up, and so is your comment about tunics are in and Packers are out. LOL!! You went from WI (stinkin' cold) to Maine (even more stinkin' cold)? WOW. I'm in IL, but I just declared today that yes, the snow is pretty but I'm done with winter now, thanks.

Mrs. G. said...

I have no interest in this game, but just for your husband, I am going to root for the Packers.

Life With Us said...

And I was so looking forward to the Pats against the packers.

Anonymous said...

Rob kind of looks like he's screaming about Katie Holmes and/or Scientology in his second photo.