Monday, January 07, 2008

Say It Isn't So

I received a text message from my husband this afternoon, telling me to come outside, quickly, and watch down the road...

Because Brady was driving....
But... But.... BUT....

He can't be old enough to drive! Can he? Can he?!?

Say it isn't so. Mama can't handle all this growin' up bidness.

Oh. My. Gawd.

I'll be in bed. **sniff**

Buried under the covers. **sniff-sniff**

Don't expect me to come out anytime soon. **sniff-sniff-choke**

Send chocolate.


Anonymous said...

You go on and have yourself a good cry, honey.

I dread those days and have already instituted the "No one in this house drives until they are 18" rule.

I don't give a rats ass what the state law is.

K. said...

Are you kidding me? I'm just waiting for the day when I can send one of 'em out to run errands for me. Swing by Starbucks. You've got the wrong attitude is all. Isn't this why everyone has kids? No?

Okay, seriously, I do feel for you. My oldest is still 4 years away from that particular milestone, and being just that close freaks me out a little.

But I will still make the best of it by sending him by Starbucks. Often.

Stephanie S. said...

My best friend - who is FOUR YEARS younger than I has an oldest who just moved out. (18.) Granted, she had children at a very young age - at 16, but still.
Technically I could be a Grandma.
A Grandma!!!
Thank goodness Eric and I waited.
Sam (said girlfriend) always says "Can't you wait?" for this or that.
And I always say, "Yes, thank you, I can!!!"
I'm terrified that mine will grow up while I'm not looking.
Which is why I try to pay attention.
And take notes.

My sympathies, Friend, during this shocking time.

Send him to the store with a long list of things to make you forget your troubles! :)

whimsigal said...

Laura - GRRRL! It will be ok!! You just tell me what kind of chocolate you need and I will FedEx it immediately! My baby is 8 years from that milestone but already doing the countdown. You must be feeling a myriad of emotions. We're here for you!



Glad it's you and not me! ;O) At least I have a few more years until I have to deal with that...

They grow up so fast, don't they?

Hugs to you. You'll get through this, I promise!


piscesgrrl said...

Thanks grrrls, I know I'll make it through this one. It's just that I can't believe we're HERE already!

Tonight is his first Driver's Ed class. *sigh*

And as for fetching Starbucks? Well, that's the problem - a good coffee is about 30 miles from here! Ok maybe 20. A long way.

All will be fine. All will be fine. I'm really old. All will be fine.

kalurah said...

Oh, gawsh!
I have this to look forward to TWICE!

Stephanie said...

I love your posts, your style, your humor, I get a good giggle reading here :)

I feel ya, my oldest is 12 1/2 but I know it's not to far off, they grow up way TOO fast. Embrace the journey grrrl :)