Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Meme, Meme, Meme!

I really enjoy reading memes because I learn so much about the people doing them. I'm not quite as fond of writing memes myself because I can never think of interesting things to say. Or at least not enough to fill up 8 strange things (cuz, of course, there's nothing strange about me, no way, no how, not a chance, never, uh-UH) or 13 Thursday ideas on a theme or even 5 for Friday. Fill in the blank is pretty good for me though, since someone else does most of the thinking.

But I've seen this one a couple times now and I think it looks like fun to DO. Whether or not it's fun for you, well, I don't know.

Here's the deal: Type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and then pick an image from the first page of results.

1. Age At Next Birthday: 38.
Oh heck, not a great way to start, unless you really like guns (which I don't) or airplanes (which I'm pretty non-committal about).

Ya, I'm not sure what he's all about either!

2. Place I'd Like To Travel: Nepal.


3. Favorite Place: in the mountains


4. Favorite Object(s): digital camera, books, my bag, my scarf, and my tulsi bracelet, not necessarily in that order

5. Favorite Food : Guacamole and a steaming cup of tea

6. Favorite Animal: cow

7. Favorite Color: Purple
This one was disturbing because not only did purple "biker balls" (do not ask - I do not know) come up, but also an image of a very, um, erect man. WTF?!

8. My Nickname(s): Lola (Uh-oh), Lolita (Ya, let's not do that one either), so.. how about Piscesgrrl

Lots of pics from my own blog came up, but then there was this one:
It says this image is from a myspace page, and the myspace page is of Rob's cousin AndyArtist! I went to his page, cuz he's my friend doncha know, and didn't see this image anywhere. But I thought how cool is that?

9. Town I was Born In: Rockford, IL

The Japanese Gardens - a lovely place to stroll.

Don't know what this is, but I love rocks.
We went to this Lego exhibit!

10. Bad Habit I Have: too much time online

I couldn't resist! That is TOO funny!!

If'n you want, you're it.


Mrs. G. said...

Did you find the camera? I would like to travel to Nepal too.

Stephanie said...

Hey that was my question, LOL! Well did you find your camera?
Yes my baseboards are red, not as red as te walls, a darker shade. On the other side I have 2 different shades of green for the walls and baseboards, not christmas green :)

Actually you may like the green shades, it's subtle.

piscesgrrl said...

mrs. g. - no, I didn't! And believe me, hubby is still searching. We could go to Nepal together. :)

stephanie - you are brave painting your baseboards. It looks cool! Pics of the green shades if you have 'em, pretty please!

sharon said...

Trying to fill your time w/o a camera, huh? I like it!

Looks like you all have snow so find your camera and take some pics! I wanna see!!! It's always nice to see from a distance. :)


kelli said...

OMG, that internet pic is hilarious! I love it! :) We fix the traveling issue though, L-A-P-T-O-P ;)

How lucky you are to have seen that lego exhibit, I think we saw that artist on the Daily Show. What amazing work he does.

And I want to go with you and Mrs. G to Nepal.

piscesgrrl said...

sharon - you are a brat. and you still have pictures of your sunny summer gathering on your blog, you know, which is just not nice. i will send you enough pics so you can wallpaper your home with them and pretend you're snowbound like us!

kelli - I know, I thought that internet pic hilarious too. that could be me or brady, with Rob tugging. :) The lego exhibit was incredible! And you can come to Nepal with us.

anyone else? when shall we go?

Beverly said...

Hello there. I see you noticed I found this idea on your blog. I should link to you, as I usually do when I steal someone's idea. Of course, that's the whole point with something like this.
To answer your question, to make my collage, I found the photos and dragged them onto the desktop of my Mac. I have Photoshop, so I created a new document that was 10 inches by 5 inches at 72 dpi. Then I opened all the little photos. For each photo, I "select all," and "copy." Then I go to my big, blank canvas and select and area on it, then "paste." I tried to make the image show up bigger, but was not successful.
I'm still learning how to do stuff like that, which is how I can justify being up in the middle of the night goofing around with my blog. "I'm learning important graphic design skills!" Right, right.

Beverly said...

There we go. I was feeling bad that I didn't link to you for the meme idea. Now I have, and I feel better. I'm sure your blog counter will go through the roof now. Ha!