Sunday, December 30, 2007

Boy in a Box

Santa was especially good to us this year. The elves must've been paying close attention. But no matter how expensive the gifts get, or how technologically complex, or how inspired, sometimes the greatest pleasures come from the simplest places.

Our big gift to ourselves was a big-*ss honkin' tv. The 3 boyz had been lusting coveting researching them for months.

And all it took was one simple comment to inspire Jonathan to move into the tv box. "Boo, that box would make a great fort! Wanna paint it and cut a door and some windows?"

But why go to all that fuss when the box is tenant-ready, as is. In he moved with his comforter, favorite book, booklight, DVD player, and all the Rocky movies. Oh, and the cat thought it was just grand, too.

The plan was to move in for real, for an indefinite period of time. Great plans were made with great excitement. Until, that is, the idea of sleeping alone in a box in the basement became a bit too scary.

And windows? Nah, peak pique peek holes are better for spying!

What unexpected gifts did you receive this holiday season?


K. said...

That boy completely rocks. He is seriously one of my favorites.

We didn't have any great fun with boxes this year, but it was slightly surprising how everyone in the family took to the Rock Band video game. Currently I'm the odd one out, with Khy on drums, Nicky playing guitar, Storm singing and Shane on bass. They call themselves "Salacious Crumm." It's way cute.

Qacei Moonshadow said...
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Zenmomma said...

Oops. This was supposed to be from ME not Qacei. DOH!
Boxes are so cool. Qacei, who is now 13, STILL loves to hang out in a good box. I posted some pics of her temporary box digs earlier this year.

Stephanie said...

Love it!!! My kids love boxes we always said that it's not the gift it's what can we do with that box, oh imagination abounds :)

Stephanie S. said...

Mmmm, ours are well used around here, too.
If it's an especially fine one, then it eventually gets supports and packing tape to hold it together!
Question - what unexpected gifts? I pretty much pick out my own things and buy them :) But I"ll think on this, and let you know.
It's a really great question!

kelli said...

All my kids have loved boxes too.

Have you seen the Sponge Bob Box episode? "Imagination!" :)

whimsigal said...

Ditto on the kid love for boxes here. They always inspire dreams of owning their own place!

Colleen said...

There are few things better than a big box. What fun! :)

Pi said...

i would so do that!
new tv $12,000
the box it came in