Friday, December 14, 2007

A Wee Break and a Bit of Rumi for the Road

I may be taking a wee break from blogging for just a few days.
Sometimes I have posts saved up, ready for publishing after a long Saturday morning of writing; right now I do not.
I have house guests - my cousin-and-best-friend-from-college "Trish the Dish" and her new baby (Yea!). We have relatives in from far and wide for funeral services. We have a family Christmas gathering on Sunday. Brady has finals - egad, finals!! - all next week.
Things are a little bit busy.

So I may not have time to get to the computer much over the next few days.
But I'll be back soon enough. You won't even miss me.

Before I go, here's Rumi on Winter and Death...

Winter is a time for death.
Do you think death is a bad thing?
Then you still haven't got it.
You've lived countless lives and died
countless deaths in an endless process of evolution.
Each death has brought you more life.
Without, death, there is no rebirth.
The ultimate death is nothing to do with the body.
It is the death of your self as separate from God.
You are standing at the edge of his ocean of Love.
Plunge below the surf of separation.
Dive into the mystical depth.
Dissolve yourself into that sea.
Like a moth around a candle, be irresistibly drawn
to the light until you are engulfed by flames in an inferno of communion.
The lover chooses the fire because he knows
the secret: "The honey is worth the sting."

And what of today? My daily Rumi teaching says this:

"Your form is now-here.
Your Spirit is nowhere."


this vignette said...

Is he spelling LAURA? His A looked like an E at first but my ASL is rusty. Haha.

Mrs. G. said...

See you when you get back.

K. said...

Rilke is usually my R of choice, but I do love a good Rumi. I hope that (and it seems as though) all of the family and holiday and busy has helped you through your weighted ice.