Saturday, September 27, 2008

Name that Class Reunion Photo

Dear readers reader,

Please help me name this photo.
Yes, that's me being lifted by my former classmates at last night's reunion, held at the local pizza joint. I have a couple caption suggestions. Vote for your favorite in the comments section. Or, feel free to suggest your own!
Please remember to be gentle. As you know, I'm quite obnoxious uninhibited dramatic always up for a wild time sensitive.
So what do YOU think? What should we call this photo?

  • A) Some things never change.
  • B) I swear, it wasn't my idea.
  • C) Our cheerleader skills ain't what they used to be.
  • D) She did always insist on being the center of attention.
P.S. And here's the thing - I was sober. Seriously! So rewind 20 years, add a whole lot of alcohol, and then picture this scene. Back then it looked a bit more like this:
P.P.S. Mom, no one saw me acting this way in the local pizza joint. Well, maybe the CEO of the local bank. And Jackie's ex-boyfriend. Oh, and your former classmate's son. But otherwise, no one saw a thing.


Mrs. G. said...

The photo made me smile. There is serious fun happining.

Anonymous said...

I know most of them and I am sure most of them know me. I am peeking your blog and this picture reminds me my olden days in Pecatonica. I am K***** foreign exchange student from J****. Now, you know who I am. Ha,ha. Remenber I called you "Raura" because of my difficulties of pronounciation. My daughter knows about your blog and she tells me to see the picture! Well, talk to you soon.

piscesgrrl said...

Kasumi - you nut! How did you find my blog??? Email me! You should've been at our reunion!

Stephanie said...

All I cans say is you crack me up :)

hahamommy said...

I vote for D :D
Your reunion seems A LOT more fun than mine & mine was fun!

EC said...

Oh I like C and D a lot!!!

I have yet to go to a reunion. You are too funny, Laura!

Jen said...

I LOVE this picture! It totally ROCKS!