Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tag Along With Us

Want to join us for a trip to Washington DC?

There's an amazing woman in South Carolina named Dianna, and she organizes trips for homeschoolers. They've gone to Disney World, taken cruises, and are currently visiting DC in waves. How cool is that? We're tagging along on the second DC trip from October 30 - November 3rd.

The list of places we might see is astounding: the Pentagon, hopefully the White House, the Lincoln Memorial... the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, World War I & II Memorials, Washington Monument, and National Archives.... the Old Post Office Pavilion and Tower, Arlington Cemetery, International Spy Museum.... the Holocaust Museum, Library of Congress, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and Union Station.

*pant pant pant*

There's room for a few more if anyone's game! The price is right and Dianna takes care of all the details, which for me, is what tipped the scales. Better yet - we can hang out! So come on, you know you want to. Be impulsive! Throw caution to the wind! Make your credit card go up in smoke like mine's about to do!

Visit her amazing website and check it out! And registration deadline is September 19th, so get a move on, y'all.

P.S. I we-ent to North Carolina and brought me home a suthern ack-sint!

1 comment:

denise said...

Our credit cards went up in smoke a Looooong time ago (ok, we cut them up, but still). ;)

You are the travelin' queen. Gives me hope that I will again leave a 30 square mile radius as my children grow up and can sit in a carseat for longer than 22 minutes at a time! Har.

Looks like a fun trip - should be a great time of year to go too!