Monday, September 01, 2008

Kitchen Chaos. Again.

See this kitchen? See how the cupboards are all hanging open? The drawers not quite shut? The lazy Susan all askew? (Who's Susan anyway? And was she really so lazy she got a cupboard named after her?) That's how my kitchen always looks. And why does it always look undone, unclosed, unshuttered, untidy? Because in my house, someone is always eating.
Maybe it's 'easy access' they're going for. If you're going to be in the kitchen fixing the day's 217th snack sixteen seconds from now, why waste the arm strength to shut a cupboard? Why impede the path to snackdom with an extra step? Why make it more difficult to see what's available? We don't want to wear out the hinges. When someone is eating all the time, that's a lot of cupboard swing.
Or maybe it's manners. "Brady was just getting ready to have a snack, and I didn't want to shut the cupboard in his face." Or, "Jonathan is just finishing up his snack, which means he'll be starting to make his next snack any second now. I'll leave the pantry open so he can decide what he wants for his next snack while he finishes his current snack."

Snack snack snack snack snack. Snack. This is the life of my kitchen.
Which doesn't necessarily explain why the screen on our back door flaps open at the bottom, and has for 4 months. It's a homemade dog/cat door. Every time we mend it, the dog and cat conspire to open it again. The dog paws vigorously at the bottom while the cat does a jump-leap-cling-drag acrobatic move. The combination spells certain death for the screen door. The dog and cat know this.
And it doesn't necessarily explain why the CD drive to my computer is always hanging open either.

Maybe whomever lives here has simply given up. Tossed in the towel. Waved the white flag.
Wait, are those corn muffins there?

You know what they say... when given butter and knife, make toast.
Or something like that.


Silvia said...

LOL! I'm blogging instead of packing, too. :)

Becky said...

This made me laugh, hard. I feel the same way. The eat all day's maddening.

Heather said...

And I thought my kids held the record for marathon snacking! I must say your cupboards look so neat inside(compared to mine!), maybe that's why they leave them open! And your canned goods luck so yummy!

Mrs. G. said...

I don't think my pantry doors have ever been closed.

debra said...

Do we live in the same house???
Can you see your kitchen table?