Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cringe-Worthy Post

We saved this spider from death-by-pyre yesterday.

Even though he caused a full-body shudder to overtake us from head to toe - several times - we saved him. We felt badly that he'd built his beautiful web right above the pile of old wood that was destined to become our bonfire.

But seriously, I can barely look at these photos.

Can you view these pictures without cringing?

If you can, you're stronger than me.


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Heather's Moving Castle said...

Nice photos! Having two boys who love snakes, and spiders, made me lose my ability to cringe at spiders. And I grew up in Houston, Tx--home of some big a$$ cockroaches.

But the sight of blood, that is something I almost faint over.

Kez said...

Nah spiders I can handle - I figure I can outrun them ;) Snakes on the other hand - I have delegated DH to have anything to do with snake shows, reptile park visits etc etc..

Heather said...

Beautiful, I love spiders, I save them all (unless they are in the house and poisonous).

Chole said...

Is that a yellow garden spider? We have one over by my deteriorated straw Buddah. They're the spider that Charlotte's Web is based on. If you watch they will get this ZZZZ design in the center of their web that can sometimes look like writting. Very cool (& a little big & creapy too!)

Silvia said...

Cool photos. I admire spiders with their webs from a safe distance. :) I think it _is_ a garden spider. I've taken a pic of one before. Nothing compared to finding Boris or Aragog in your bedroom, though. Ha!

Colleen said...

This looks just like the spider that lives in our front yard making a web (every single night!) that stretches from the bouganvillea alongside our driveway to the driver-side door of my car. Which means I've had a face full of spiderweb more than I care to think about. Bleck!! Pretty photos though--even if they do bring back bad memories!