Monday, August 25, 2008

Cookie Count

A while back I was nabbed to host the Opening Night Reception at our community theatre. Apparently it's not enough that I write press releases and help with box office and work on the occasional set. They tell me a well-rounded volunteer also hosts opening night receptions. If they start asking me to scrub toilets, I'm out.

Actually, I have scrubbed toilets there. But don't worry, not on the same night I hosted the reception. Ahem.
Anyhoo, for that particular reception, I decided to do a meat-and-cheese tray,a fruit tray, and cookies, candies, and Mung Chowder Gumbo. Yep, a weird combination to be sure, but the show - Love, Sex and the IRS - mentioned Mung Chowder Gumbo and a particular diva actor suggested I make it. Nevermind that there is no such thing as Mung Chowder Gumbo. Sure, I'll just whip up a kettle or two, just because the star of the play asked me to. I'm that easy. Riiiiight.
It turns out I AM that easy. But you know what? It was GOOD. Those brave enough to try it came back for seconds, thirds and even fourths. Yay me.

But the funny part of this story is the cookies.

Nevermind that in that first photo you might've spied pre-made dough. Listen - I was on a tight budget, ok? And I had to create a recipe for Mung Chowder Gumbo. Cut a grrl some slack, yo.

Now, I had a very precise count in mind when I made these cookies. Because I'm uptight like that. So as I baked, I kept track on a yellow sticky note of how many I'd made. Things were going along swimmingly, my kitchen in its usual state of...

total chaos... When I noticed something...

I seemed to be missing a cookie.
I'm sure there was one there in that slot.
There is definitely a missing cookie. I don't like missing cookies. I don't like my cookie rows to be uneven. I don't like my precise cookie calculations to be off. And because of my repeated ranting warnings, the kids knew these were for a JOB and NOT. TO. BE. EATEN.

But then I looked more closely at my sticky note:

At least the sneaky cookie stealer was gracious enough to modify my count.


Stephanie said...

I love the sticky note!

Chris said...

LOL, that is waaay too funny! Did you ever find out who the culprit was? Which boy did it? Thanks for the morning giggle! Chris

denise said...

Funny. :)

debra said...

not only does the cookie thief have good taste, he's honest, too

KMDuff said...

LOL. "Mom, you counted wrong. I re-counted for you." :)

K. said...

That's AWE-SOME.

And um. Could you come and host - uh - the thing I'm having? Soon? Like maybe, at dinnertime tonight? At my house? It's just a small thing - we call it dinner - so we wouldn't need as much food. Unless you wanted to make that much food. We could freeze it. Eat for days.

I need a cook.