Monday, March 09, 2009

Photo Phrenzy

Whenever we travel, there is always the requisite loopy photo session. This usually occurs mid-trip, when emotions are high, people are getting tired, and we decide to catch the descension from excited-high to exhausted-low. At the InHome Conference, the loopy photo session took place late Friday night. Brady had my camera and Jillian, below, had hers. They snapped so many photos I felt like I was being stalked by the paparazzi.

Here is the lovely Jillian.

We rarely see Jillian anymore so it was fun to hang out with her.
There are about six dozen more photos of Jillian just like these.

Other friends were there too, but their parents aren't cool with their photos going on my blog.
Here's Brady....

Who played along for a while...
And then grew a little crazed....
Jonathan and his friend Colin checked in from the Family Dance from time to time.
And therefore got their picture taken. 62 times.

And even the adults were targeted. Rob's always game for silliness. But in case he wants to kill me for that photo, here's a better one:

Not that he'd kill me. I mean, who'd wash his socks, butter his toast, and greet him at the door after work with his slippers and dinner ready?

No really, who? Because he'd probably really like that.

Another notable detail - these pictures must be close-up shots of faces. No posing, no background filler. Just raw, in-your-face photography.

Which is why mine have all been edited to black-and-white. :-)


Pi said...

Looks like fun! Ill have to remember this for next time my family takes a trip! lol

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Hi, Laura. Nice to see you at the In-Home Conference. Just wanted to remind you that

1) we are having Game Day in Monroe on 3/16 at the community room at the Amcore Bank at 10am. Be there or be square!

2) Please let Denise in Madison know my contact info and I can help her find unschoolers. We're out there, really!

Hope to see you!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for the book tip for transcripts! That is awesome! ;o) I thank you on my blog and added the book as a P.S. to the post.

I wish your son well on all his upcoming transitions.

piscesgrrl said...

Pi - definitely try it. It's great fun to download 684 silly pictures when you get home.

Jodi - I'm so glad you recognized my name at InHome! It was great to meet you and chat. I put the 16th on my calendar. Let me know if anything changes. Will Lisa be there? Will be fun to surprise her. :)

Heather - thank YOU for sharing. The more ideas, the better!