Monday, March 16, 2009

Disconnected Internet, Disconnected Thoughts

Ever since Brady tried to swap the operating system in my computer for the operating system in his computer, the wireless network adapter isn't working properly.

By the way, anyone speak Greek? Because that's what the above sentence is to me.

If I have to translate it to layman's terms it would sound something like this:

"Brady! WAH! My computer won't stay connected to the internet! Fix it! What do you mean you can't fix it? I'm going to burst a blood vessel now. Please call the paramedics. Amen."

It also means I'm having trouble uploading pictures to my blog and ya'll know, if there are no pictures, I have nothing to say.

You did know that, didn't you?

That's Jonathan's explanation for why I didn't blog much last month. My photos all suddenly disappeared from Picasa and I was forlorn, lost, and twitchy. It made my muse crawl into the fetal position, suck her thumb, stick her blankie up her nostril and refuse to come out until the photos were found.

Which they were. It had something to do with the whole operating system swap-o-rama-gone-bad. Brady.

And so, with no photos to keep me focused, I can only post random, disconnected thoughts on my blog today....

Rob had a fever last night. It's weird when adults get fevers. Rather than seem especially sick, he got loopy and silly.

We ventured out to Monroe, WI today to meet up with a new-to-us homeschooling group, thanks to an invitation from Jodi of
Sunflower Hill Farm who introduced herself to me at the InHome Conference and who was, incidentally, just featured in the Wisconsin State Journal. Thanks Jodi - We had fun!

Usually I have to boot Jonathan out of my bed so I can go to sleep. The last two nights I had to boot Brady out. He hasn't done that in approximately 7.6 years.

There is a pair of naaaasty looking socks on my staircase. I refuse to touch them. Which means they'll be there for a long, long time.

It's 10pm and I should be in bed before I turn into a pumpkin.

But instead of sleeping, I'll end up watching Iron Chef America on the Food Network. Which gets my heart-rate up. Seriously. I get sooo nervous. I'm a dork like that.

Today I was asked to serve on the planning committees for TWO conferences. I'm going to feel badly about letting one of them down. Eenie Meenie Miny Mo.

Jonathan is upset with me tonight because I wouldn't do yoga with him. It's part of his new, "I want to get stronger and more fit" plan, which he announced tonight. This from a kid who has worked out every day since January 1st.

I only said no because I'd just gotten home from a 2-hour stint at the gym, was already showered, and had a full stomach. I promised we'd do it tomorrow morning. OM-baby-OM.

I decided today that I jive with country folks better than city folks. City folks are cool, hip, urban, and intellectual. Country folks talk about things like growing horseradish and suckling pigs and have kids who run around barefoot with dirty toes. I'm intimidated by city folks. Country folks are kin. City folks make me realize just how unhip I am. Country folks make me relax and feel like expanding my garden by 2.5 acres.

I sometimes make sweeping generalizations I later regret.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

To cool Rob's feverish head, I placed a cold, wet washcloth on his forehead. Which immediately prompted his famous Ferris Bueller impersonation. The part where he's faking-sick for his mom.

My mom is making Boston Cream Pie for my birthday.

I like inchworms. Even though they send a shiver up my spine.


Zenmomma said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Laura!
What shall I do for you?

I remember the day you began to drive and pick us up for school.
Hope to see you soon!
from Ka..mi

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Hi, Laura! Happy birthday! It was nice spending time yesterday. I, too, think I "fit" better in the country, although my previous theater life would have made one think differently (I think I was hip then....maybe not). Come back again and play, if you'd like. You can even come and milk a cow or catch a lamb, if you'd like!

I hope you have a great bday!

Stephanie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happpy birthday dear piscesgrrrrrrrrrl
happy birthday to you!!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady! :O)


Curtis said...

Happy Birthday. Hunter's is in just 1 more week. The big one zero for him! Oh, I speak Greek (or geek, depending on how you see it). Tell Brady to get his act together and fix you up! By the way, WE are city people, but I did grow up in the country, so I guess we still speak your language huh? Wanna help plan another conference? We'd love to get one together down here in St. Louis!

eclecticallyyours said...

I'm crying because I lived 1/2 hour from Monroe...and we could've had a great get together! So close. So far. But very cool to hear of the midwest, and discover a new blog!

denise said...

Hey - drop me an email. I'll hook up my software engineer computer guru hubbie with your son and maybe they can fix fix fix it. :)

Pi said...

happy birthday!