Friday, March 06, 2009

My Oscar Speech

Don't you ever wish the Oscar winners would get up there do something different than simply listing all the people they want to thank? I get why they have to do that, especially since it takes more than one actor to pull off a big movie. In fact it's quite likely the actor does the *least* amount of work. And then gets all the glory. So I 'spose it's only fitting - and appropriate - that all those behind-the-scenes folks get a shout-out. It's the least the actors can do.

There, I just completely turned around my own thinking. Welcome to the circular ramblings of my mind.

For MY Oscar speech, then, it's only fitting that I thank those who've made this special occasion possible. To Rob, my rock (no, seriously, he is) (see "circular ramblings" above, add "can't make a decision" and, um, ya) - without you I'd be nothing but a schmoopy-whoopy mess. To Brady and Jonathan, my beloved children, who inspire me on a daily basis and give me fodder for the musings on this blog. To my dog, Duchess, for pooping on my rug. Er - wait.

And fo sho I'd like to thank
Madeline - a new-ish unschooling friend - whose fiery spirit inspired me the moment I met her. Thank you for your kind words about my blog, Madeline!
Madeline gave me this:

As per her instructions, here are 6 Things that Make Me Happy:

1. Chocolate

2. Springtime

3. Fires in the woodstove

4. Avocados

5. Unschooling

6. Travel

And now to share the wealth... I'm passing this award on to Ginger. Ginger is another new-ish unschooling friend. We only met briefly at the Live and Learn Conference - doing mendhi. :) But here's the thing about Ginger - we connected on Facebook and she sends me the nicest messages. Something about her... she has this beautiful spirit about her, and it infuses everyone she meets with a feel-good vibe. Go have a read - see for yourself.


Chole said...

You know, I've contemplated my Oscar speech before too. I've always thought I'd go up, say thank you in sign language & leave. Nice, short & quick.

Of course I'm a director/producer not an actor so it's not like anyone would be watching that part of the show anyway. LOL. Bet it would get coverage on those tabloid style TV shows at least.


Beachbum said...

Thank you so much, friend! I love talking with you. You make me smile from the inside out!

I did one of these...and will do another 6 things, for I don't think I will ever run out :). The last one is here :

I can't wait to do mehndi with you. Maybe Madeline will do some with us, too? Then we can spend time together talking while it dries and all. Sound good? I want this one : or this one :

OK, enough of the long comment that is more like planning a visit!

Beachbum said...

The second one is on the right and shows the lucky woman's left hand...

piscesgrrl said...

Chole - I will definitely watch for you on the red carpet someday!

Beachbum - yes, yes and yes. Mendhi with you and Madeline sounds lovely! But those designs? Wow!