Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trail of Tears. Tears of Laughter, that is

I have a nifty little widget on my blog that tells me where my readers come from. Wait, that's not proper. Let's try again. I have a nifty little widget on my blog that tells me from where my readers come. Sounds stilted, yes, but it's proper. Less proper than 'from whence they come', but proper. You should practice proper grammar. And by you, I mean I.

Anyhoo, I don't pay much attention to the little widget, but on occasion something catches my eye and I hone in for a closer look. For example, one time I noticed people kept coming straight from
Sandra Dodd's website to mine. So I clicked on over and saw that Sandra had posted some things I'd written about unschooling as it applies to my marriage. Ah, mystery solved.

But the really fun part is finding out how people discover your blog by accident. Now, if I see that a person hops on over to my blog from a Google or Yahoo search, I am eager to see what phrase they used in their search. The results are fascinating and more often hysterical.

Please note: If you are of the mind that blogging is dangerous, that 'putting it out there' invites unwanted scrutiny or voyeurism, stop reading. Because you're right.

I've begun keeping a list. I don't keep track of the obvious or mundane ones, like searches for 'Wistful Wanderlust', or 'unschooling', or 'piscesgrrl', or 'that amazing and cool grrl who blogs', because, like, duh.

I do, however, keep track of the ones that I don't quite understand. Or the ones that make me laugh so hard I snort earl grey up my nose. Or the ones that creep me out just a little bit and make me wonder if, indeed, it isn't time to hang up the old blog.

Here are just a few of the searches that led to clicks on my blog.

Some demonstrate the versatility of my blog as a resource:

"omelette man Florida" - It's good to know I can connect my readers to the best omelette in Florida. Dear Don, (May I call you Don?) - I'll take my kickbacks via paypal.

"blue or green benjamin moore colors for bathroom paint" - where my blog was 4th on the list. Dear Ben, Re: kickbacks - See above.

"wanderlust myth – in Arabic" - apparently I'm being translated into several different languages. Wait, did that say myth...

Some show the softer side of my readers:

"blogspot + My Reverie + Ponderings of My Heart + Gal" - Awww. My reverie. Ponderings of My Heart. Somebody, please, slap me if I write things like that. And please don't call me Gal. Or I might call you Shut Up.

Some don't make much sense at all:
"sheikra sit on flip flops" - Sheikra no sit on flip flops

"80's movie magical heart necklace scientist" - I'm not even sure what to think about this. I just hope they found what they were looking for, because it sounds like they have serious issues.

And some made me snort coffee up my nose:

"enormous piles of poop" - Listen, I have two sons, a husband, a dog and a cat. 'Nuff said.

"caustic potash dance move" - Oh ya, I had the moves in the 80's. Still do, if you must know.

"laura endres" - Oh h*ll, they're on to me...

And then there are some that are just plain scary:

"hot girls unleashed" - Mom, I swear, I have no idea.

"homemade shoe box bomb" - It wasn't a real bomb, people. No, you cannot find bomb-making instructions on my blog. It was a handmade birthday card. Sheesh.

And last but not least, there's this:

"inhaling chicken manure" – where I rank 1st on the list.

Dear Mom: I do always aim to make you proud.


Beverly said...

I can do this with my site meter, too, but I'm afraid to look. My friend always looks at hers, so I am aware of how weird it can get.

Kez said...


Lynn said...

I love your blog!!
Laughter and lessons all in one post;-)
I am finding the principles of unschooling filtering through to all areas of my life and relationships.xx

debra said...

The things for which people search can be pretty strange. I've had people searching for how to inject something I've never heard of, where to find porcelain for female mud wrestlers, and weird thing about body parts. Also celebrations of life, memories, "my dad" (I wrote about my Dad's stroke, his death and our celebration of his life).
I don't write too much about my family, though. Mostly about our lives in the arts, and my goofy thoughts about stuff.

Stephanie S. said...

I can hardly believe that anyone but you would put the words "inhaling chicken poop" in the same sentence!!

And excuse me, Ma'am, but I Always read!
Always still here....

Silvia said...

OMG! That is so funny! I love the two fecal references. What does that say about the world? LOL I'm gonna check my searches too--I use Icerocket and Sitemeter. What do you use?

denise said...

Funny. I love reading my stats for keywords. I always get some good laughs.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have only just discovered your blog and I just have to tell you the picture you have at the top of the site is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Looking forward to reading more from you, and catching up...x

KMDuff said...

Funny stuff. :)