Friday, October 17, 2008

Grrrl Time

After a somewhat unsettling week, I'm off to retreat with my women's group. It's funny how our retreats always seem to come at just the right time. Of course, it helps that we do it at least 3 times per year, so each one comes right as the magic from the last one starts to wear off. By the time the next one rolls around, I'm usually in dire need of a grrrl fix. Sometimes we have activities planned. Sometimes we don't. But one thing's for sure - our 'check-in' time always last for about a full day.

Invariably, one of us brings a load of stress to the gathering and is in need of some respite from life. One of us brings joy. One of us brings indecision. Another brings sadness. Whatever we come with, we know we are safe in our circle; to share, to cry, to process, or to spout. Sometimes we even get a rousing chant of "F*ck That Sh*t!" going when someone is feeling especially battered by life. (Dear Mom: I'm sorry. But it helps.)

(Dear Rob, it's a WOMEN'S group. Sorry honey, but shoo!)

I received a few bits of unsettling news this past weekend, so I'm more than ready to squirrel myself away and absorb some grrl power. None of the news, by itself, is earth-shattering. But I don't like feeling unsettled, and sometimes just knowing others are in pain - others who are close to me - is enough to send me into a tail-spin. Five bits of such news in a span of 5 days was a bit too rapid-fire for me.

Dear family and friends: Let's play a game called 'Good News Only,' OK? Thanks.

And so I'm off. I don't know what YOU are up to this weekend, but I hope that whatever it is, it feeds your soul. Or, at the very least, doesn't poke any holes into your thin skin.

I will be once again blessed to spend an entire weekend in the company of some of the finest women around.



Lynn said...

Oh Laura that sounds like a wonderful weekend.I hope you come back with a lighter heart and a soul fed to bursting xx

denise said...

Sounds wonderful! I had a crazy week too. TOo much pain in this world. HOpe you get a few days of peace.

Something that feeds my soul? I don't think I get to do that for a few more years. Hahaahaha. But I get to snuggle a 3 year old. Or maybe that is what feeds my soul.

Have fun!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

What a nice retreat for you!! I wish we had that in Iowa! Maybe one day! Much peace to you and I'm sure it is well deserved.

~Heather ;)

kelli said...

I'm glad you have your gathering time now. Hugs to you~

Cups said...

I hope your weekend lightened you load. How wonderful to be surrounded by the warmth of friends