Thursday, August 21, 2008

One Project Done! One Still Unfinished

Perhaps you remember when I pimped out my brother on my blog? Well, that post wasn't just a desperate attempt to get a new sister-in-law and more nieces and nephews, although that might be nice seeing as my kids are getting older and are going to leave me and I'll be all alone and nobody will need me and I won't know what to do with myself. No, it wasn't. It was also about the family quilt project that I forced invited everyone to do with me when we were up north at the lake house last winter. And don't bother clicking on that-there second link if you clicked on the first. They take you to the same post.

This is not my (still single) brother. This is Jonathan. And no, I'm not going to pimp out Jonathan on my blog. He's only 12, for pete's sake.

Jonathan is helping his cousins finish the family quilt project. The quilt we started in December. Yes, that would be of 2007. I'm not much of a crafter. Does it show?

My nieces finally started calling me on my proscrastination. They're not ones to let me slide from my familial obligations, no they're not. Once, they were relentless in making me
go shoe shopping. The quilt project was no different.

Speaking of procrastination, my younger, employed, handsome brother who drives a Maxima and volunteers as a Big Brother, is still single.But this post is about the quilt, not my brother's dating prospects.

So finally, the other day, we got busy on the quilt. We tied quilt corners with pretty ribbons

after arranging and rearranging the squares to get the color scheme just right.

I just loved watching their little hands tie the knots.
Speaking of tying the knot...

Oh, nevermind.
Sometimes it helped to get our faces right down into the quilt, for perspective.

But sometimes we needed a foot for help, too.

Ain't it purty?

But see the blank square in the bottom left corner? BRADY! You come here right now, young man. You can run, but you cannot hide. You will do a quilt square. You hear me? I'm hopeful Brady will still do his square.

Oh, and little brother? I'm just trying to help. Really.


K. said...

That quilt is SO darling! You got it at some kind of fundraiser if memory serves (I'm totally lying, I went back and checked the original post), so does that mean someone much cleverer(erer) than I put it together into a kit, or was there an actual brand name involved with which I could track down my own?

Chris said...

Very purty, indeed! That is something that your family will treasure for a long time. Good job, Laura and family! Cute kids, too!! :O)


denise said...

Oh, awesome! What a great idea - and it turned out nice!

bonnyjayne said...

I miss you Laura. What beautiful pisces feet you have!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Wish I was goint to L& L this year to meet you.
If I was you I would take your brother to the conference as there is a group of single unschooling moms that meet. Just to make sure he pick the right mother for his future kids and your future nephew and nieces.
I am taken. I already got my farm boy.