Thursday, August 14, 2008

BAM! We have Salsa

Don't you just love this time of summer.... When your garden bounty covers every available inch of your counter, farmers' market stands are full of the most amazing-tasting vegetables ever, and every meal is better than the last?

Jonathan made the first batch of garden salsa. I asked him to narrate how he did it, and here's his story.

I picked 8 tomatoes, 1 bell pepper, and 1 jalapeno from the garden.

Then I washed them.
And then, I "bammed" the tomatoes. (That's how Jonathan describes his chopping technique. As in, "Bam!" when he hacks through another one.)
Next I "bam" some green pepper...

And "kerplunk" them into the blender.Onion is next. "Jigga-Bam!"And "kerplunk," into the blender goes the onion.Here goes the "hot-lapeno"...
And "kerplunk" into the blender it goes with a shake of salt."Super-scoop" goes a tablespoon of sugar...Along with "splishity splashity" 3 TBS of red wine vinegar. We're set to blend!"Chop chop" goes the blender."Munch munch" go the teeth.

"Sell-sa is served!"

Bon appetit!

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denise said...

Yum! Looks great!

debra said...

looks tasty. My #1 daughter (who is not known for her cooking) would rather open a jar.....

Silvia said...

Sounds great! Hey, tagged you with the Brilliante award, go check it out!

Stephanie S. said...

i keep thinkin' i'm leaving comments, but then i discover that apparently i'm not.
well, then.
i'm still here!

K. said...

You know that I'm really only marrying you so I can hang out with Jonathan, who is not only one of my favorite people, but is now my favorite This is Not a Food Blog blogger. You'll have to settle for second place.

I keep thinking that someday you and I need to collaborate on some kind of a blog where we write real person perspectives. Like this is how real people cook. This is how real people clean. This is how real people exercise and then eat cookies after. (I'll take that one if you want.)

Jonathan is totally our first recruit.

piscesgrrl said...

Denise: Since Jonathan did the commentary on this one, I didn't get to add that salsa made this way resembles, well, applesauce. It does thicken as it sits a bit, surprisingly. But it's our gotta-have-salsa-now technique. When a friend first made it, I thought (arrogantly) how it was so unappealing like that - until I dipped a chip. YUM. And it doesn't freak out picky kids since there are no chunks of veggies to be seen.

Debra: There ARE so many good salsas on the market, though.

Stephanie - glad to see you're still around. I've been missing you!

Silvia: Yay, thanks! SO looking forward to meeting you at L&L! Woohoo! (sorry kelly)

Kelly: Yes, let's do it! You'll be the brains behind it, I'll be the.. the... the messy house model. And I do think you and Jonathan will get along famously. Just don't take offense to his initial 'who-the-heller-you' approach. Friendship with Jonathan sometimes takes patient, hands-off persistence. But once you're 'in'? You're, like, SO in.

K. said...

Oh Laura - this is why Jonathan and I will be friends someday - because I'm exactly. the same. way. I totally get it, don't worry.