Monday, August 11, 2008

Turtle Update

Jonathan and Colin and turtle
It will only eat live bait.

I guess that's one way to keep my front porch free of those fat-bottomed spiders that send shivers down my back with a mere glance at them. Watching Jonathan's turtle (whose name I cannot seem to remember nor pronounce) devour them, bite by bite, while their legs float off one by one? Nauseating. I can handle it only so long and then I have to excuse myself.
I'm reminded of one of the messages of Ishmael... some days the rabbit wins, some days the fox. Here, on our front porch, we are witness to that daily struggle. Only here, it's turtle vs insect. Whom would you have survive?

Who ever heard of a turtle that won't eat pet-store pellets.... pffffttt.


denise said...

I wouldn't eat the pellets either, I don't think. ;) At least you have a healthy turtle!

Silvia said...

We just got a scorpion yesterday. :) Hasn't eaten any crickets yet, but I think it's stressed from the move.

Beverly said...

We caught a wild red-eared turtle when I was a kid, and we kept it for the summer before releasing it back into the lake. It would only eat live food, too, and in the water. We fed it earthworms in the kiddie pool.