Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We're leaving for a spring break trip to Florida in less than two hours, but because I'm soooo ultra-organized, here I am, blogging. Truth be told, I tend to procrastinate quite a bit when I'm prepping for a trip, and this time was no different. And then my procrastination bites me in the butt when unscheduled events decide to make an appearance just about the time I really really REALLY need to be packing. This time, a visitation for a 12 yr old boy (I didn't know the boy but I went to school with his poor mum) and a request for a haircut.

Jonathan had been asking for a haircut for days, but in my distracted ADD-addled way, I kept forgetting. He'd ask at inopportune moments like when we were driving down the road or leaving for somewhere or just as my eyelids grew heavy toward slumber, so I'd put him off with a "remind me tomorrow" postponement.

Well, last night, he begged. I'd just begun settling in after an emotional and long visitation, when Jonathan flopped his mop of hair in front of me. "See, Mom? I'll be hot in Florida!" And then he continued. "See, Mom? My hair will be in my eyes when I swim!" He forged on. "See, Mom? It's TOO LONG." (For the record, a week ago, when I suggested a haircut, it was not too long.) And he made some pleading faces at me, full-out desperation.
His hair has been getting a bit unruly lately and his head seems to be allergic to combs, too. As I combed it last night, he groaned about the comb touching his scalp. It seems when HE combs his hair, he goes only for the ends. He likened it to getting something under your fingernails - "Your body isn't used to having something touch there, so it feels bad. That's how my head feels!" he said, as he ouch-ouch-ouched his way through the most gentle combing I could manage.

I got to work. When I cut Rob's hair, I charge "one shopping spree" in hopes he'll see the financial benefit in going to a barber. But for Jonathan I only charged a couple of hugs.

Here's proof that I was midway to pajama land when he begged me to cut his hair. Those are pajama pants I'm sporting with my newly-purchased top. It's a new fashion statement I'm starting in the cornfields. Sort of a glam-mom-meets-afternoon-naps look. How's it workin' for me?
It'd been a while since anyone had seen Jonathan's neck. Isn't it a great neck?
And those ears! Who knew? He's got great ears. We haven't seen them since sometime in early 2007.
The pile of hair on the floor freaked me out a bit. Rob swept it up and there was so much it looked like a very hairy cat had died on my kitchen floor. And the amount was astounding. I have thin, fine hair, so it's an odd thing to feel envy for a pile of hair clippings on the floor. But I did.

Jonathan was a little freaked out when I was finished. And he kept complaining that he was c-c-c-cold without his shaggy mane to cover his head.

But soon enough he began to like his new, airy head. Now he's all set for swimming in Florida.

And even though it took a try or two...

He did finally pay up. In full.

Happy Spring Everyone! Will post from Florida if I'm not too busy sunning myself, drinking coffee on the beach, hunting for seashells, or screaming on the Sheikra (AGAIN) at Busch Gardens.

In other words, see you when I get back, good people.



Not June Cleaver said...

Your charging thing makes me laugh because my husband PAYS the kids $2 to let him cut their hair. Otherwise they insist on going to the barber with my husband and it gets expensive with 3 kids. He thinks he gets the better deal this way.

Nice haircut, BTW. Have fun in Florida.

Stacie said...

Good job on the haircut! He's adorable. Have a great time in Florida!

Maria said...

These are great photos! He looks like a different little boy (sorry: Young Man..the cut made him look older)
As I sit here contemplating the snow outside my winter, I am near tears of jealousy when I think about your trip to FL. I've heard about that magical place...have a great time!!

K. said...

Oh, he looks gorgeous! And I'm digging the glam-mom-meets-afternoon-naps look, too. I think you could market that.

For a while my oldest son, Khy, was growing his hair out to look like his hero, Qui-Gon. Until he got sick of being mistaken for a girl, poor thing, so made the decision to cut it off. Afterward he looked in the mirror, stunned, and said, "My ears look ridiculous!"

Have an AMAZING vacation - you deserve it.

ggang said...

Love the shopping spree idea - I'm stealing that one for sure! Course that means Dan's hair's gonna need cutting a little more often. . . .
I had been thinking of encouraging him to go for the ponytail look, but this nixes that idea. Besides we gotta do SOMETHING about that economy, even if it is just a little ole shirt or a new bra once in a while!

whimsigal said...

Please have a wonderful time! We'll miss you!!


Beverly said...

Florida? Lucky.

Mrs. G. said...

He has the most amazing eyes.

Have the greatest of trips.

Silvia said...

Wow, nice hair cut! I hope you have a great trip. Make us all jealous, won't you?

Stephanie S. said...


Bonnyjayne said...

Wow, what a symmetrical cut! Ivan asked me to take him to "our local, public barbershop"! I think he is sick of my trademark buzz cuts! Have a great trip and don't forget ( I know you won't) the sunscreen!