Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Florida Days 5-7 or "Tampa Bay, Here We Come"

Jonathan and his feathered friend.

All-group ice cream break, an absolute necessity.

We met up with my sister's family who arrived on Sunday and will get high 80s all week. Which really isn't fair at all.

View from our hotel room. Oooh, aaaahhhhh.

Armando was riding in style.

Brady managed to jump into about 3/4 of the photos I took. It was his week's mission. It wasn't annoying at all. Really.


On Monday, the Batista family (my sis) joined us! We hit Busch Gardens for 2 days and spent some time at the pool. Unfortunately, the weather never really cooperated to do the beach thing again, as it actually got down to the 40s at night.

Please stop laughing. No, really. I can hear you. You have an evil laugh. It wasn't all that funny.

Busch Gardens was a blast and especially fun with so many of us. I rode the Sheikra again because, apparently, I have some sort of death wish or masochistic streak. All the way up to the 800-floor drop (slight exaggeration) I close my eyes and mutter things like, "This is stupid. Why am I doing this? This is stupid. Why am I doing this?" with a few "ohmygod"s in along with a few choice expletives while my brother cackles at my discomfort next to me. I did, obviously, survive, but I had to go lay down in the bougainvillae for a while afterward. Brady went on it a dozen times, eventually working his way up to the front row the crazy nut. This from a kid who only two years ago, wouldn't do scary rides at our county fair. My how far he's come.

And now we fly back to IL where a snowstorm is due in the next few days.

I can still hear you laughing. And it's really starting to irk me.

We say bye-bye to palm trees (not native), white sand (trucked in), and excellent seafood (over-fished waters) until next time and head back to the land of turtlenecks and pasty, white skin and seafood that tastes like mush.

Ah well.

Life is good.


Maria said...

GREAT pictures. We'll allow Brady to peak in them, 'cause he's sweet and cute and has a band.

Meanwhile, I SO SO hate heights too. Hate, hate, hate.

I'm also very sorry (smirk) you have to come back to the cold frigidness that is Illinoise. It can't last's all down hill from here. Right? Someone please say right.

Stacie said...

I'm not laughing...really. Just smirking. Not really. I am sorry it wasn't warmer. What a bummer to be south and not have hot days. I'm am glad you had a good time. I loved seeing all the pictures.

You're boys are both so cute, and your husband is very handsome. He reminds me of someone, someone famous and cute, but I can't put my finger on it. Oh, and you're cute too. :-)

K. said...

I'll have to know I have a perfectly lovely laugh. I even get compliments on it. Okay, well, once.

Seriously, Laura - this is why you shouldn't have done the running thing for penance. You should have realized that karma always gets you in the end.


Stephanie S. said...

I know someone who went to Hawaii last year - by herself, and for the first time - and it rained the Entire Week. (beginning when she got off the plane)
She cried and cried and cried.
Sat in her hotel room and cried.
Was still crying when I saw her about a week after she had been home.
I'm not laughing at you - I'm happy for you!! :)
xo Steph

diana(hahamommy) said...

I'm glad for *any* excuse to lay in the bougainvillea!! Even big exciting, tummy-tickling heights!!
I'm not laughing, I *know* it's bad Karma... I'm feelin' ya sista ;)
Ya know, we got a beach over here, over here, just a *little* to the left... ;)

Sandy Feet said...

Even though its hard to come back to cold weather, there is nothing like going to bed in my own bed after being away. Spring is coming!!

thislittlepiggy said...

I confess. I was the one laughing. No way am I getting on anything that "drops". I get sick on elevators!

It looks like you did have a lovely time. Bundle up for the trip home though. I have a friend in Illinois, and from what I hear, it ain't pretty!

whimsigal said...

Well, I'm not really, I have a tickle in my throat. What? You don't believe me?? hmph.


Looks like you all had a WONDERFUl time in spite of the chilly temperatures.

By the way, I'm with thislittlepiggy. I don't ride anything that "drops" either. No way jose. No way.


Tina H. said...

more awesome pics. love the relationship you have your camera. coming home is always a let down at our house. even if we have missed it and the pets. safe flight.