Monday, March 17, 2008

My Small Dog is Too Big

You remember I told you my dog Duchess got a new bed? After perusing all the drab, dull, uninspired doggie beds whenever I was out shopping, I finally happened upon this pillow at World Market. I loved the pillow instantly but it's too big for my couch. A dog bed it became.

Duchess loves to snuggle on it by the woodburning stove, where she sometimes gets so hot she pants. But she won't move away. She loves her bed too much. She'll suffer heat stroke before she'll move away from her bed. Life is good for Duchess on her new, cozy pillow. And it's fashionable too.

There's just one problem.

This: It seems she is a tad too big for her bed. The other day I found her flopped over the edge like this.

Doesn't look very comfortable.
When I sleep like that, I have neck cramps for days.

Dutch, Honey, you alright?

You don't look so good.

You need a little pink pill? Mama's here for you, poochie, Mama's here.


K. said...

She's just a dog with good taste - I would consider suffering for that pillow, too.

Hope you're hanging in there as heroically as Duchess - I've been thinking about you. All farm-owning and schooling/unschooling and scary(!) medical scenarios and stress and science experiments as you are. I have no doubt you'll find your way through, it's just the kind of grrl I'm getting to know you to be, but I do wish I'd taken a more active role in the cheering these past few weeks.

But still - I'm here.

piscesgrrl said...

Hey, thanks k. I know you're there. And I'm fine, really - just some days a little darker than others. I said to my mom, "It's hard going against society all the time" and she replied,

"Oh honey, you've been going against society your whole life."


So, there's my chin up. Do I owe you an email? I've lost track.

Tina H. said...

That is adorable. She looks content though.

Maria said...

She doesn't look miserable at all! However, pills always help. Good to see your post on my bloglines this a.m!
What your mom said. Funny, my husband kinda just said a similar thing to me recently....would we have ourselves any other way? Really?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some encouragement! Much appreciated!

kelli said...

Our dog does the same thing, and her bed is about the same ratio as yours. I think she likes it though :) Total relaxation at its best!

KMDuff said...

My kids do similar poses in their beds & booster seats in the car. I don't think it could be comfy, but they seem happy.

My dog refuses to sleep on pillows. He tried to eat the one we had for him, so it disappeared.

whimsigal said...

Oh god, how I laughed out loud at those pictures of your wee dog hanging off the bed!

So glad to see you posting! They always make my day!

Beverly said...

That's probably why she likes it.

Adrienne said...

When I was a kid our family dog (English Bully named Henry) used to flop himself so far off the bed that only his hind legs were on and the rest of him was lying on the tile floor... and he had an XXL bed. Dogs are so strange/wonderful. Maybe she looks for the heat on the floor by the fire?

K. said...

We were just discussing whether or not you were going to be following Amy Steinberg over to the Life is Good conference in May... We'll chat when you get back from Florida, though.