Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Crises Allowed, Please

When you have a schedule that looks like this....

  • Monday - prepare for onslaught of parties
  • Tuesday - Jonathan's kid birthday party; Cousins' Ladies Night Out
  • Wednesday - Jonathan's family birthday party my side
  • Thursday - prepare for continued onslaught; hopefully nap; probably not; Jonathan's track meet
  • Friday - get manic about Saturday; Jonathan's family-friends birthday party; practice deep breathing
  • Saturday - big Open Mic & Live Music (JUST MAYBE) bash in our yard
  • Sunday - clean-up; pack for vacation; leave for vacation? crawl into fetal position and suck my thumb

One does NOT want to hear the following words wafting from upstairs...

"Honey, I just bled all over the comforter."


Mrs. G. said...

Have fun partying-or at least funnish.

K. said...

I really meant to comment with a big fat "woohoo" (or maybe a calm and collected "cool.") about Just Maybe's first official gig (I'm so glad it went well, how exciting!) but my week looks so much like yours right now. My brain is like the dice in a Yahtzee cup.

Here's hoping we all survive July! I'll be thinking about you.

denise said...

Now thats a lotta parties. !

You go on a lot of vacations! :) I think you have had like 7 vacations in the time I have had one night in a hotel snowed in! :D

Sounds like a fun busy summer!

Kim said...

The key to having a fun summer here is to host fewer parties and attend more. Just imagine if you only had to prepare a pasta salad for each of those events.