Sunday, July 13, 2008

And They Rocked

The festival went just fine! The boys are glad to have the first official gig under their belt and were totally pumped afterward. Here are some scenes from the event.
Brady carries some gear from the van. That part was cool!
Jonathan got put to work hauling t-shirts to sell. They sold several! That was very cool.
No, Jonathan is not in the band - but here he goofs around during sound check. Doesn't he look cool?
The boys tune their guitars. Cool, huh?

Brady was nervous, but he kept his cool.

And here they are performing! Everything about the day was cool! Very very cool. I like using the word cool. It makes me feel.... cool.

Oh wait.... Um, boys? Boys? Don't you want to hang with your mom after your gig? Boys? Boys?!?
Oh man. Maybe this cool thang ain't gonna work out for me after all.


Colleen said...

Woohoo! I'm so glad it went well. :)

Scott Schumacher said...

They have a COOL myspace page and their songs rock! Awesome!

Stephanie S. said...

I like saying cool, too.
Cool people know when things are cool.

EC said...

Yay! So glad to see that all went well. I can't imagine how awesome an experience that was for them.

I love the shot at the says so much!