Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Grrrl's Gotta Eat

A few years ago I started a yahoo e-group called "Healthy Chow." It's a discussion forum for all-things-food and consists of mostly personal IRL friends of mine. I started it for mostly selfish reasons - I wanted to steal all my friends' killer recipes. Not killer in the get-food-poisoning-and-die sort of way; killer in the oh-my-goddess-this-is-beyond-good sort of way. I do not exaggerate when I tell you that I know some of THE most amazing cooks. My friends can take the simplest combination of ingredients and turn it into something spectacular. But also, they can concoct recipes that use ingredients that I've neither seen in stores nor even heard of. I might make a mean canned-good judge at the county fair, but otherwise my culinary skills are just average.
Those who've been part of the group since the beginning will be shocked to hear that I started it back in 2003. I know! Could it possibly be that long ago? I remember the list was busy in the early days and I still have a pile of recipes I got from the members. I remember getting answers to any food-related questions I tossed out. I remember sending out "prompts" to get the discussion going. I remember another funny story...

Once upon a time my sister made fun of the name 'Healthy Chow.' One day she handed me a farm business card that read "Jackie's Happy Hens." The End.

I've been meaning to beg my blog readers reader to join Healthy Chow, because while I love the recipes I've gleaned from its members, it's grown quiet. Too quiet. I sent a request for a good marinara sauce to the list today and I heard it echo across cyber-space. "Hello? Hello-hello-hello...." I think I mined them for everything they've got and I need a fresh crop of folks to suck dry learn from.

So, who's game? Go HERE to join us! And be sure to gather all your favorite recipes, your mother's favorite recipes, your neighbor's favorite recipes, and your 3rd cousin twice removed's favorite recipes. Cuz folks? I'm hungry for some healthy chow.

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Silvia said...

I don't know if I'll have healthy food to share, but I will have some tasty stuff. :)