Friday, May 30, 2008

Holy Mother, It's Online

I got an email just now from one of my favorite grrrls, Gina (mother of my fashion consultant, Lily), saying she saw my shopping video online and it looked GREAT (her emphasis).

I immediately began hyperventilating and asked the kids to begin preparations for CPR and my premature death by public humiliation. And then I paced, wondering if I could bear to see myself on video. In case you're new and don't know what I'm talking about, read my last post first for the scoop!

It helped that Gina said it looked GREAT. I mean, as one of my favorite grrrls, she has to say it was fine, or good, or even a 'great' sans CAPS. But her CAPS insertion gave me a wee bit of hope that if it wasn't fabulous, at least it wasn't *horrid*.

So, breathing into a paper bag, clutching my kids' arms to steady myself lest I pass out, and offering the occasional shriek, I watched it. And then I watched it again. And it's not horrid. It's not fabulous, but it's not horrid.

But you'll notice I get all discombobulated at the apple section.

And my kids are still laughing about what I said in the orange section. Brady is now marching around the house shouting, "If the oranges are not organic, I WILL NOT BUY THEM! And YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER!" Apparently, he thinks what I said is just a hoot and a half. The twerp.

So, if'n you're so inclined, go
HERE to see what all the fuss is about.

Ok, now I have to go lie down. Seriously. I need more organic chocolate.

With a side of chest paddles.

P.S. Is my face really that big?
P.P.S. Is that really how my voice sounds?
P.P.P.S. Let's play "I Spy" - watch for my husband zipping by upstage!
P.P.P.P.S. Jonathan thinks the "I would agree with what Dennis said" part is just hilarious. He's now wandering the house muttering, "I would agree with what Dennis said" over and over. The little twerp.
P.P.P.P.P.S. Will someone come stroke my hair and whisper 'there there' in my ear?


bonny said...

Laura, as an unbiased (yeah right) observer, I think you sounded like a nutritionist or an "organic expert". You did not seem nervous at all and your voice sounded strong and authoritative. You answered the questions clearly and thoughtfully. You should be very proud of yourself!

Ren said...

It is GREAT! I would agree with what Gina said.;)

K. said...

Don't worry, honey, I get discombobulated around apples, too. (Okay, not really, but I'm trying to be supportive.) :P

I thought you were lovely - enough expertise to make me believe what you're saying, enough down-to-earth to make me think I could go organic, too. Your face was NOT too big, and your voice is just fine. But I got a little giggly when you said "I would agree with what Dennis said" too, and I've decided to go around the house muttering it for a while to show solidarity with Jonathan.

Missed you when I saw AMY STEINBERG last Friday!

Lynch Family said...

You were fabulowonderous! A real person, speaking intelligently and "walking the walk." Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Told ya so.

denise said...

Yay Laura!!!! I liked it. I think you were great. :)

Seeing all that yummy produce makes me even more excited for my CSA ... starting SOOOOON!!!!! :) And how cool that you have a small neighborhood type of store selling organic goodies! That is nice.

Beverly said...

You spoke with confidence yet didn't sound hysterical about the issue. Good job! (The part I thought was funny was when they shot you leaving the store. Not sure why.)

Deborah said...

Excellent job! You spoke clearly and succintly -- no ums or other fillers like like. You looked lovely, yet normal. The boys are just jealous.

debra said...

You were great! You were clear and direct.
Milk or dark chocolate?

Maria said...

Oh, Laura, you looked and sounded great! Honestly! The message itself (and really, people, isn't that what is important) came across really really well. In fact, when you said you were willing to sacrifice for organic food I was nodding and saying "What she said!"
The only part I had to smile was when you were checking out and gave a quick glance at the camera! Okay, and it was funny when you were trying to get that cart out of the door! Other than that, may I say, you rock...and now I"m going to email this to all my friends!

Not June Cleaver said...

Great video. You looked and sounded perfectly fine.

piscesgrrl said...

bonny - I love biased opinions! ;-) Especially yours. Grrrls, guess what? Bonny sent me a real letter! IN THE MAIL. It was so cool to get that!

ren - thx! And I'm coming over for that chai one of these days. Mark my words!

k. - you and Jonathan do have some sort of connection, don't you... I've a feeling you two would make an interesting pair! And yayaya, I heard ya about Amy Steinberg, I heard ya... *sigh*

lynch family - hi! & thx!

gina - is it really you? commenting?! :-)

denise - we are lucky to have this place, and I was glad they let me choose which place to 'plug' in the segment. The owner Dennis carries a pocket knife and he'll greet me and say "you've GOT to try this new variety of peach we have today..." and slice a chunk for me. LOVE that. Wait - VARIETY! THAT'S the bloody word I was looking (stumbling) for in the apple section. SHEESH.

beverly - I know why - because I always have to go butt-first out of that door! I should've just asked for someone to get the door for me, or asked to do it again and try for a more graceful exit (there's a little uphill inside the store AND there's a huge lip to get your cart over AND the door doesn't open easily - a trifecta of exit-humiliation) but like I said, I'd lost all feeling in the upper half of my body. I wasn't kidding!

deborah - curiously, Jonathan doesn't like that place, probably because other shoppers are always trying to talk to him (it's a great community kinda place) and he doesn't especially like people talking to him. We've found a compromise by him going straight to the freshly popped popcorn and chocolate milk departments while I hurry through the rest.

debra - thx! I know dark is more mature, but I gotta admit... milk

maria - I probably glanced at the camera a lot more but luckily they edited most out. I laughed at that part too!

not june cleaver - thx. I'm SO relieved.

Chris said...

You looked (and sounded) lovely, Laura! Wonderful job! I'll have to check out that store sometime. P.S. I would have responded sooner, but I haven't had an internet connection in over a week. Now, that is torture!