Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Reality Check

Today's Reality Check is in celebration of the first day of not having to hear an alarm clock go off at the ung*dly hour of 5:45am:

You know it's well past time to get a life start your day when you send a text message to the Today Show to vote for a couple in The Race to the Altar segment.

From your bed.


debra said...

Happy summer! #2 daughter got her driver's license today. She is so excited she is flying :-)

K. said...

Are you kidding? I call that the perfect start to a summer morning. But then, I have never been ashamed of my innate laziness. I say embrace it and call it zen.

K. said...

If you're taking votes for Best of Piscesgrrl, I'm still a big fan of you judging at the fair, any of your "why I'm not a food blogger" posts, and the recent post about your internet acting debut. I'm sure there are more, but those are MY faves that jump immediately to mind. Since you asked. Sort of. But not.

denise said...

Yeah, we have an alarm. He is 3 years old. No matter when he goes to bed, he comes in and sleeps on my head starting at 3AM, starts kicking off the covers around 5AM, and is pulling my eyelids open with his fingers before 6AM because he is hungry and wants to go downstairs. I can't turn him off either!!! Or press snooze. ;)

That is one happy looking kitty.

Stephanie said...

Does this mean school is out FOREVER?????

I hope so, enjoy girl, I don't do mornings, well unless you count the early ones I go to bed between 3-4 am :)

I love your blog, sorry I don't comment more!

Tina H. said...

Hear Hear. Last week I spent 4 hours in bed watching re-runs on You Tube of a soap opera couple from about 10 years ago. And loved every minute of it.