Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Hour of Art

Brady came home with an art assignment the other day. He laughed because it'd been assigned several weeks before but was now due the next day - and he hadn't started it yet. That's ok, it's a step forward from his last art homework, which he'd had weeks to do, but NEVER did, and for which he got his first MASH.

MASH stands for Mandatory After-School Homework - or something like that. It's really just a fancy name for a detention. I chuckled when the school secretary gave it to me, despite her grave expression. I asked if I could keep it, because I thought it should be framed or something. But Brady wiggled his way out of the MASH somehow; some sweet-taking I guess. (He takes after me afterall!)

AnyHOO... last time he had to draw his hand. This time he had to draw a boot. He chose one of mine.

No, I do not live in Alaska, despite the impression my choice of boot style may give. Hey, I've got wimpy toes, ok?

Something about Brady sketching at the kitchen table got me in the mood to do something artistic. Which is unusual, seeing as I'm really not very artistic at all. But I remembered that Jonathan had gotten an art book for his birthday so I dug it out and he and I got in on the fun.

The first exercise was to look in a mirror and draw your own portrait. That was difficult! But fun!

Jonathan stuck his mirror in the lego bucket.

I was having a grand time until I showed my portrait to the boys. That's when they shivered and said things like "Ugh!" and "Oh my gosh that's freaky!" and "Please don't make me look at that ever again!"

Apparently they think I look rather zombie-ish. Huh.

The next exercise was to draw a picture, from memory, of someone you know. Can you tell whom I chose?

(Please say you can tell!)

The third exercise was to draw your hand. I took a picture of my drawing, but it's so horrid light, I can't show it.

Brady, on the other hand, really shows an aptitude for drawing, even though he really doesn't enjoy doing it.

We'll be taking our sketch pads and workbooks on our long Thanksgiving weekend trip to the lake so we can do more!

And perhaps, just maybe, my next portrait won't give my children nightmares.


whimsigal said...

How fun! I had to laugh at your kids comments though. Mine say stuff like that all the time and now I see it's not going to get any better as they get older!

By the way, I thought your drawings were good! :)

Mrs. G. said...

I think you did pretty well. I thinking less Zombie and more serial's all in the eyes.

Brady looks like he has the eye, and I like those boots.

I had no idea there was a Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook. I'm going to see if there is one on Ebay right now.

K. said...

I thought your self portrait was pretty good. They always say the eyes are the hardest to capture, you just need a little more practice. (Or possibly some brains to eat. Kidding!)

Of course I can tell who your portrait from memory was supposed to be - I'd recognize that handsome hunk of man anywhere. It's Stallone, right? :P

That is a lovely boot. On and off the page. I can't help but wonder what the kid would be capable of if he ENJOYED drawing. From what I can tell, Jonathan was off to a nice start, as well.

piscesgrrl said...

whimsigal - thanks! this book is very interesting, so it'll be fun to continue. yes, my boys have a knack for honesty. You should hear what Jonathan has to say when I sing out loud! You'd think his ears were bleeding or something.

Mrs. G - serial killer, LOL. The boys will love that one, so they thank you. And I feel quite invincible in those boots. Snow? SNOW?! I LAUGH at SNOW!!!

k. - Stallone? Ohmy, it's ego-fest day for the boys around here now! And yes, I've tried to interest Brady in more art, but so far he's just not into it. My grandfather is an artist, and we all wait to see who inherited the genes. Whoever has it is obligated to put it to good use, or the rest of us will give them a thrashing (our of pure envy, of course).

Brains to eat! Ha ha! LOL! Har Har Har. (burp)