Saturday, November 03, 2007

Farewell, Good People

It's only been two days since I've written, but my procrastination really bit me in the *ss this time, lemme tell ya. Running out of laundry detergent was nothing. NOTHING.

I was eating 1/2 a burrito while I typed that last post. And by the time I finished eating and finished typing, I could barely look at the screen. I was feeling a bit loopy. And within 1/2 hour I was a little queasy. And within an hour I was engulfed in full-on nausea and oh-dear-goddess-I-think-I-have-food-poisoning waves of dread. And I went to bed. And the bathroom. And that's where I stayed for the last 36 hours.

It's a strange thing to not walk down my own stairs for such a long time. At one point I called my son's cell phone to ask him to please bring me water. And he was downstairs.

Jonathan was sweet. When my sister called and asked to speak to me, he replied, "Umm... well.... she's sleeping.. and I really don't think I should wake her up right now." And then he brought me an English muffin slathered with butter. (It's the thought that counts.)

And thank the higherpowerwhogoesbymanynames that Brady had two days off school, though I'd rather we'd spent it some other way. He was company for Jonathan, the fetcher-of-tea for me, and got the house dusted, vacuumed, and picked-up so I wouldn't have a complete heart-attack after emerging from my 'cave of the wretched.'

And Rob, a bit paralyzed to see me burrowed in bed for so long and not doing my usual obsessive, panic-stricken, manic pre-trip frenzy, kept asking what he could do for me. I requested a new set of guts, but so far he hasn't obliged.

That's ok. Today I rallied, slapped myself until a bit of color returned to my cheeks, found the silver lining when I put on a pair of jeans that not too long ago were too tight, and held down a bit of toast. And the bags are packed, and the children's belongings are delivered to grandma's, and the plants are watered and the animals prepped and the laundry -believe it or not- is done.

I will miss my boys! But soon, very soon, I will be camped out with my main man in front of this lovely view.
And whether or not I can eat (and lately, the odds have been squarely against this simple task)
I will be grateful for all that I have.And I will meditate on all that I have as I spend hours every day doing this.
Knowing that Life is

Life is very, very good.


Joanne said...

Beautiful pictures. :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh! I hope you had a good time!!
Steph S.