Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Be Patient


kelli said...

Beautiful garden shots!

You know how you said in my comments section that I don't know you. Well, it does seem like I do though, ya know? Reading peoples thoughts on their blogs really brings you into their lives. We've actually thought of the Chicago area too, don't know if you're near there, but right now it's really up in the air. :)

Oh, and about your son going to school. What I think is important is that you're helping him realize his dreams. It's hard sometimes when we don't see those same things, but you know, "we're exactly where we need to be" ;) as Amy Steinberg would sing :) (you should check her out if you aren't familiar with her) peace~

Laura said...

I am not familiar with Amy Steinberg's music, though I've meant to check her out - will do so now! Thanks for the wisdom about Brady and school - we're quite hopeful about it all. And Chicago has an amazing unschooling community - I'll be your tour guide if you wanna check it out sometime. :)