Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Willow Weekend

This year's Willow was wonderful as usual, but a bit subdued. I didn't take nearly as many pictures, and I'm sure there are a few folks who were relieved at that. I didn't even get photos of our friends performing, as I was busy taking video for a friend. Taylor, I'm sorry I sang along into the video recording - I was taken by the moment. Am I off-key? How's my vibrato? Can you hear the group over my singing? I'd be happy to handle all the recording for next year, too. Taylor? Taylor? Taylor?

Gemma was back this year, and with her came these two cute little punks.

Doug learning how to carve a bird from the chef.

The spread of food was amazing as always. I swore Sunday evening I wouldn't have to eat for a week. It was Monday evening before I even felt hunger again.

This year we didn't tent camp - we got a bed. Woot! Thanks Duffords! Your B&B service is the best.

Dan gave us the garden tour.

Dan playing the shofar, which David Stocker brought back from his trip to Palestine.

A new game inspired by the young 20-somethings set.

The labyrinth mowed into the yard, a new addition. I never even walked it! Hard to meditate when surrounded by revelry.

Our teens were happy to be together again.

View from the amazing porch.

Ashley, Gemma and I filled tamales....
made by the Willow kitchen goddess, Joanieji.

And as usual, the requisite "we can't believe you didn't come home for Willow, see what you're missing?" photo to send to our faraway friends.
Ah, Willow....


Jen said...

Hey Laura!

COOL pictuers it seems like all of you had a fun day! I hope you have many more this summer!

Please come over too my Blog and check it out!


Heather's Moving Castle said...

I see you'll be in the NW in May!! I am 85% sure we'll be there again too. Yeeha!!! So exciting! I hope your teens can come.

piscesgrrl said...

Hi Heather, yep we'll be there! When you first said "your teens" I thought "who's she talking about?" I forgot that my youngest is now thirTEEN. Eek! When did THAT happen? :) Can't wait to meet up!

Brittany Marie said...

This is my favorite place on earth. Mmm I want to be there.