Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mmm French Fries. Or, My Interview on Unschooling

Humor writer, blogger, and homeschooling mama, Debbie H, contacted me a few months ago asking if she could interview me for her blog, Homeschooling: Freedom and Fun for your Family. Somewhere she heard I like to talk about myself. Not wanting to prove her hunch wrong, I accepted.

The interview was posted on April 17th, and I just now remembered to look for it. I might like to talk about myself, but I also have short-term memory problems. Maybe that's why I talk so much - I can't remember what I've already said.

Another blog post of Debbie's caught my eye on Facebook today, and as I clicked over I suddenly remembered the interview. Doh! There I am, sandwiched among other cool home- and unschooling folks like
Barb Lundgren of Rethinking Education Conference fame (oh how I wish-wish-wish I could go). I'm honored to be among such cool folks.

When I first found my interview, I was stumped as to why a photo of french fries provided the header of the post. Ah, short term memory challenges strike again.

To find out what french fries have to do with unschooling,
go see for yourself.

Thanks Debbie!

(Mmmmmm.... french
fries..... *grabs kids and car keys*)


Jen said...

Hey Laura!

Good advice, I'd skip the interview and go get some french fries instead! YUM! YUM!


Debbie H. said...


Hey, about time you came over to the blog to check out your interview. And yes, I'd love to go out for some fries! Thanks for participating. :)

Lynn said...

Great interview.

I have a blog award for you over at mine, if you would like to pick it

Jackie said...

**chirp, chirp**


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Anonymous said...

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K. said...

So... I could watch your interview, or I could eat french fries, or I could "Watch Natsha Naked?" So many varied options on your blog these days! ;P

piscesgrrl said...

Yes, K - I'm a full-service blog, if you know what I mean. *Ahem* Where full-service means I can't remember how to delete spam comments.

Beverly said...

You write things sometimes about Jonathan that remind me of my son. Crying in the front seat while your son plays his DS in the back seat, giving you the occasional worried glance, is one of those things.

Beachbum said...

Love you, girl. Glad you did the interview! Your voice is a beautiful one for us unschoolers... :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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