Friday, January 16, 2009

A Picture a Day Keeps the Crickets at Bay (Wow - Lame)


Dharmamama said so. And in case you were wondering, when Dharmamama speaks, I listen.

It would seem my muse has done gone and left me. (The tramp.) I'm still writing, though. I'm in charge of PR for both our
community theatre's current show and our statewide homeschooling conference, so I've been busy emailing, writing press releases, emailing, creating programs, emailing, and emailing. Oy - the emailing! YOU try and email over 200 homeschooling groups in IL and surrounding states, not to mention every library in the state - twice! - and see if you have anything left for the ol' blog.

I've also been busy working on a freelance article or two, getting the kids to and from their various engagements, and arm-wrestling Brady over who gets the car that day. Having another driver makes my life both easier and far more difficult. I've also been doing the
Facebook thing. If you haven't caught up with me there yet, you're missing out. Seriously - my current status update is "Laura could jump in the fray. But won't." How can you go another day without knowing such things?

So maybe I'll keep the engine warm on this here blog by posting some pictures. That's not a bad way to keep the home fires burning but not over-exert myself, right? Unfortunately, even this simple task may be more challenging than usual - a few weeks ago all my photos disappeared from Picasa. (Dear Picasa experts - help!) After the resulting nervous break-down, I'm now, with the help of my therapist, slowly getting ready to try again.

But to start off this photo frenzy, I don't need no stinkin' Picasa. (Take that, Picasa, you mean old photo-deleter!) Today's photo appeared unexpectedly on Facebook, in the photos section of an old friend from high school. I have no idea how he even got this particular photo and it cracked me right up when it appeared.

I fondly call this, "Sheena Easton Called - She Wants Her Hair Back."

Me, circa 1987


denise said...

Oh wow - you can see how J looks just like you (sans sheena easton hair and lip gloss, of course). :)

Stephanie said...

Mine was a mohawk in '87! :)
(true, but I have no pictures. sigh. Everyone always asks.)

Kez said...

What was with lop-sided hair in the late 80s???! I had it too!

debra said...

We have pictures of the mullet people!

denise said...

Oh, and after the chaos of planning the conference settles down...maybe a visit to Madison? :)

piscesgrrl said...

denise - visit to Madison sounds great!

others - pictures!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am so going to have you beat when I scan some of my old photos!! But that is pretty awesome!